25,000 Giveaway Winners!!

Here it is!! What you have been wanting to see =)

Thank you to everyone especially the amazing bloggers who helped me make this possible!!!!

The winners have been emailed and announced Via Rafflecopter found HERE!!

Here is the list and what they have won!!

$100.00 Visa Gift Card – Lauren ( last name unknown)

$50.00 Target Gift Card – Julie B

$50.00 Toys R Us Gift Card –  Lucy C

$50.00 Visa Gift Card – Lois ( Last name unknown)

$50.00 Amazon.com Gift Card –  Brenda ( Last name unknown)

$25.00 Disney store Gift card-  Joannie ( Last name unknown)

$25.00 Build a Bear –  Kelly ( Last name unknown)

$25.00 ITunes Gift card – John J

$25.00 Old navy Gift Card – Andre B

$25.00 DSW Shoe Warehouse Gift Card – Jennifer N

$25.00 Sephora Gift Card – Theresa J

$25.00 Amazon Gift Card- Erin H

$25.00 Walmart Gift Card – Kelly P

3 Thermal Aid Bears Winners – Stephanie ( Last name unknown), Brandi M, and Teresa M



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