A Look Inside – The Inside Out Animation Process


I love being able to share all this awesome inside information from the new movie Inside Out! While I was in San Francisco a few months ago I was able to chat with some of the animation team. For these interviews we were able to sit in the theater where they hold their ” Dailies” process. What is “Dailies” you ask? It is an about hour-long meeting that is held every morning to go over the film and bounce ideas off of one another.  It’s a really cool process if you think about it everyone coming together to bring the film greatness.


We spoke with a few of the animators and learned a little bit more about the process of animating each of the characters that they had worked on.  Jamie Roe, Directing Animator is the animator for the character Sadness.  Making sure that Sadness got all the character she could, I think she did an amazing job making her a lovable, memorable piece.


Above you can see Animator Tony Fucile working on getting Joy as close to perfection as possible. From the way her eyebrows arch to the crease in her smile when she giggles these animators are responsible for essentially breathing a new life into these already fantastic characters.



Inside Out is in theaters everywhere on June 19th and I can not WAIT to see it completed!! You can stay up to date with all the Inside Out info by “liking” them on Facebook and following along on Twitter.


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