Beat The Winter Blues With Some Help From Nintendo!


Winter can be brutal and lets face it some days you just don’t want to leave the house at all ( at least I don’t). Nintendo has what may just cure the winter blues with some of their newest releases for the Nintendo 3DS. Because who doesn’t love Mario? The high jumping, princess saving hero we’ve known since our childhood is at it again with Mario and Luigi Paper jam and they don’t disappoint.  The kids very quickly decided it was time to play and I don’t think I heard from them for about an hour. When they finally emerged the reviews were fantastic. Kenna loved Paper jam and much as I suspected Matt was loving Yo- Kai watch.


Mario and Luigi Paper jam is perfect for all lovers of the Mario and Luigi games ( and isn’t that all of us?) Once again the boys are out to save the princess as a book from the Paper Mario world is knocked over and all of its inhabitants released into the “real” world.  The game controls similar to the other Mario games we’ve become accustom to and like many there are unexpected surprises that your kids are sure to love. Kenna quickly got the hang of the game maneuvering her way through worlds faster than I thought she would and a smile on her face the whole time. Where Matt was like an old pro discovering a new world that he loved.  All and all this has been one game that both kids have enjoyed playing they loved the interaction between both sets of characters and it wasn’t “Too easy” that Matt ( 13) was able to defeat things quite as quickly as he had thought.

yokaiwatchNow Yo- Kai watch was different for us, not knowing a whole lot about the series we dove into the game not knowing what really to expect. Turns out Yo- Kai are all around us in this new game. Even though they can’t be seen they come from everything around us and simply exist.  Using your watch to locate them, you can befriend and train them to battle other Yo-Kai . We found that befriending them isn’t the easiest thing unless your prepared to show your stuff, impress, and battle said Yo-Kai. But once you do, you’ll see that each Yo- Kai is individual and adds to your team!! Matt loved this game reminding him a lot of other games but like that there were so many differences you could tell that Yo- Kai was something special in itself.  The Yo-kai thrive on helping people as much as possible but you can be sure there is at least one mischievous Yo-Kai in the bunch!! I was surprised with how quickly Kenna fell in love with this game, quickly starting her “Yo-Kai army” and helping as many as she could. Matt also had a great time with this game being a lover of Anime and all things like it.

With either of these games you really can’t go wrong and they truly are fun for the whole family!!

You can pick up either of these awesome games at your local retailer or at Nintendo’s awesome E shop!!


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