Big Hero 6 In Theaters Everywhere – We Love Baymax!!


Big Hero 6 soared into theaters everywhere this weekend  and much like everyone else I took the kids to see what they now call “The best movie EVER”.  I had already seen clips of the movie and was able to sit down and chat with some of the masterminds behind the movie back in July. So for me seeing the movie in its entirety with my little ones and seeing their faces light up with each scene was just pure awesome.  The visual aspect of Big Hero 6 is truly astounding and the characters those you fall in love with and feel true emotions for ( Bring tissues!). True to form is the valuable story that Hiro learns and the lifelong friendships that he forms in his journey there.

Big Hero 6 takes us to San Fransokyo a beautiful blend of 2 cities and it is there that we meet a young Hiro and his brother Tadashi. Both brothers have an insane love for robotics and where Tadashi chooses to work on robots to help better the world around him (he is Baymax’s creator), Hiro has found himself in working the local robotic fighting circuit.  Tadashi finally getting through to his brother inspires him to apply for the same robotic school that he and his friends attend.

bigherobaymaxHiro’s mind controlled micro robots are an absolute hit at the school, but sadly tragedy strikes and Hiro loses his big brother and inspiration Tadashi.  Devastated by his loss, Hiro soon discovers Baymax a healthcare robot that Tadashi had designed to be Hiro’s companion of sorts. While attempting to help Hiro cope with the pain of losing his brother, Baymax finds himself walking into the evil plot of a man in a Kabuki Mask who has stolen Hiro’s Micro Robots.


Shocked, angry, and wanting revenge Hiro convinces Baymax and Tadashi’s friends from school ( Honey Lemon, Go Go, Wasabi and Fred) help him seek out this masked man. Suited up in some pretty amazing high-tech suits this new team of heroes set out in their action packed adventure! I could tell you so much more but honestly that would ruin all of the fun and I am just not like that!!

BIG HERO 6Big Hero 6 was Big fun for our whole family as we all sat there staring at the screen happily until way after the credits had ended ( which by the way make sure you stay until the very end!) If you were only thinking about seeing it, stop thinking and go!!  Big Hero 6 is open in theaters everywhere NOW!! RUN, Fly but don’t casually stroll to the theater!!


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