Blogging from Bed

So i’m trying something new.. i’m sitting in my bed writing this post from a laptop while Switched at birth plays in the background and McKenna plays with my phone. While I blog here im thinking about how much I truly love this. The interaction that I get to have daily with everyone, the stories we share etc… In the next few days your going to see alot of changes to this blog. It will have a bright fun new format, and some new things here and there. Im going to be adding recipes and other fun things… I would like to try and add crafts and family fun things that everyone can do along with everything else. Of course there will be plenty of fantastic coupons, deals and everyones favorites.. giveaways. What Ideas do you guys have that can help make this great? What are some of the things you would like to see? Its because of you that I get to do this… and I want everyone to be involved =)
What was your day like today?? Sometimes the best thing in the world is having someone ask.. Me.. I cleaned my house while I felt 100 years old from painting my sons room the day before. I stalked Friskies facebook page to try and win things for my cat and of course played with and chased around a 3 year old girl who Im convinced is more savy with the electronic devices in my house then I could ever be!!! So please if you would like leave me some feedback, lets have some fun with this!! I am going to try to write more posts that are not about coupons and giveaway and more “hey whats going on” lolĀ  Hope that everyone has a fantastic night!!!!
Meredith =)


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