Broken Bones, Princess Cakes, And Lots Of Laughs With The Young and Hungry Cast!


Young and Hungry is another one of ABC Family’s newest shows that you aren’t going to want to miss. I started watching when I found out that I was going to have the opportunity to interview some of the cast and instantly found myself loving this new show. This breakfast was really cool because we had a chance to hang out with the cast in an intimate one on one setting. Being split off into tables of 5, we all sat down and awaited the arrival of this fun cast.  For my group our first interview was with Emily Osment who plays Gabi the cute and quirky at home chef you’re sure to love.

Photo credit: ABC FAMILY/ Eric McCandless

So in my opinion Emily is absolutely perfect for this role. She is fun, sweet, and just a nice person. Emily who I am sure you have seen before told us “I’ve always been a fan of ABC Family, and they’ve always treated me really well. I’ve worked with them in the past, and when you’re doing pilot season, you get a lot of scripts and this was the first one I really connected to.” and you can really tell on-screen that she connects with the character which is great!  Though she only can cook a little bit she plays the role of a budding master chef very well.  Emily who would eventually love to do movies ( and we would love to see her in them) is certainly on the right track to realizing her dreams!


Next we sat down with Aimee Carrero who plays Gabi’s best friend and room-mate Sofia but you may also remember her from The Americans. It was really nice to hear about how Amee was glad to be doing a sitcom and that she had loved I love Lucy while growing up. It was funny to hear about how she had got the audition to play Sofia.


” I was on “Baby Daddy” just for an episode, I did a guest star on “Baby Daddy,” which is another ABC Family show, and from that I got an audition. The casting lady for “Young and Hungry” didn’t like me all that much. I didn’t get a call back, she didn’t put me forward to the next round. I’d gone to a ton of auditions. And then I got cast in “Baby Daddy” for the one episode. And because of that, the network took some interest in me and brought me in, and I met one of the casting executives. Not the lady I’d auditioned with for “Young and Hungry.” They were like, “You’re so great. We love you. Have you auditioned for “Young and Hungry?” And I was like, “Nope.” And so she put me through to the next round because the orders came from higher up, and I got the job from that. That little white lie. Give me another shot, I know you’ll like me.”

Our next victim.. I mean interview was with Jonathan Sadowski ( who I believe is a White Sox fan!! GO SOX!) who plays Josh the loveable tech geek who is Gabi’s employer and basically who I think she should end up with on the show. Jonathan who had broken his ankle was very excited to show us the X-ray of his broken bones ( Impressive and I bet that hurt!) you could really tell he was having a good time with the bloggers.


“The scariest part about it was that when it happened, it went [he made a snapping noise] and I heard the break, and I swore a lot when it happened, and I was banging on the floor. We were done shooting. I broke it, and I was going to set; it was our last day of pre-shooting. So I broke my ankle, went to the ER, got a splint put on, went back to set, shot my scenes. They re-blocked it for me. The scenes where I was supposed to be standing up, I was sitting down and they shot me from the knees up.

“You’ll never know what episode. You won’t even catch it. Or you can just look for an episode when I’m sitting down pretty much. It’s like a scavenger hunt. See which episode Josh has a broken leg in.”


Game On Jonathan!!  I LOVE the chemistry between the actors on this show and you can tell as well in person that they are all friends as they messed with each other while moving from table to table ( kind of like speed dating)

Now if you have seen the show you know all about Josh’s absolutely fabulous assistant Elliot played by the just amazing Rex Lee ( Lloyd for all you entourage fans) who didn’t have to even audition for the role! When executive producer David Holden was coming up with the Pilot he had him in mind. The comic duo of Rex and Kim Whitley ( who couldn’t attend) is enough to have you in tears from laughter!


Last but most certainly not least we were talking with the Executive Producer for Young and Hungry David Holden! If you watch Young and Hungry and you ever meet David you can automatically tell how much of the show is him! He was fun, friendly, and loved telling us about Young and Hungry!


We learned a ton about the process of getting Young and Hungry out there ( did you know it’s loosely based of the food blog

“They flew [Gabi Moskowitz] out here. They said, “We think there maybe a show here.” And she went and met with production companies to see if any of those companies was interested in thinking about it, and one of those companies was the Tannenbaum Company, who created Two and a Half Men among a million other shows. I had a deal with the Tannenbaums, a deal that’s called a blind script project, which means if we both agree on something, we’re doing a project together.”

“Finally I was like, “If I’m going to do it, here’s what I’m thinking about.” I talked about Gabi being a personal chef for a rich guy. I wanted her to be a flawed character. I wanted her to get into trouble like Lucy. You’re still a good person but you make mistakes and you figure it out and still thrive. I wanted this bubbly effervescent character. So I started writing it, and it was the end of the TV season right as we got done. We went to the networks, but they were out of money. So we went to cable networks. ABC Family was the first one we sent it to, and they bought in within 24 hours. It took a little while to the final deal, but the moment it was done, we started casting. I had Rex [Lee] in mind for Elliot. He’s perfect. I just felt his persona when I was writing. The other amazing thing about Rex is that I knew in my mind to classify him on the show, he’s a villain. That would give the show a kind of an engine. I wanted a likeable villain. And how can you not laugh at that?”

We ended talking about Scandanavian Princess cakes ( which sadly David I still can’t find) and how fantastic they are. If you saw the episode “Young and Pregnant” they were the little cakes the girls were eating at the end and they are David’s favorite cake EVER!!

I had a fantastic time with the cast and wished it didn’t have to end so quickly as they were all great to chat with!!

Make sure you watch Young and Hungry tonight at 8pm EST on ABC Family! You can also “like” them on Facebook and Follow on Twitter for more Young and Hungry fun!!

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