10 Days of Frankenweenie “Wheres My Water” Free Download


Disney launched “10 Days of Frankenweenie,” a new free level pack for the hit mobile game Where’s My Water? Free. Inspired by Disney’s stop-motion animated film “Frankenweenie,” directed by acclaimed filmmaker Tim Burton, the level pack features new black and white levels that combine the film’s retro look and feel with the gameplay of Where’s…

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Free Brave Activity Pages!!!


  Get  your printers ready!!! Because here are some fun activity pages for Disney/Pixars newest movie Brave!!!!  I think we are almost out of ink now, Kenna LOVES the maze (even though she isn’t very good at it!)  Click the links below to print off the different activities!! Brave will be opening in theaters next…

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Credit Sesame!!


This is totally awesome!! I just checked on  mine and hubbys credit for FREE!!!! I mean totally free, not like sign up for a trial and we will show you your credit score!! Not only that but every month they will update your score and information for you so you can see any changes that…

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Easter Egg Hunt!!!!!


Womans Freebies is having an awesome Easter Egg Hunt!!!!  They currently have 91 eggs left and what you do is look through their blog and try and find the eggs!! When you find an egg, click on it and get a GC. Find a golden egg and you can win an ipad! She adds 50…

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