Clean with Steam!! (Haan S175 Cleaner Review and Coupon Code)

Mopping the floor can sometimes seem like an endless chore! Not only have I not found a mop that was able to clean to my standards, but many times I have found myself feeling that I was essentially moving wet dirt around my floors.  99 % of my house is laminate or tile so making sure that it is clean is a very important step in my day to day living. Did you know  that cleaning with steam kills 99% of the bacteria that normally would just be lying around, also no cleaners are needed so your saving money at the same time!!

Recently I was sent the HAAN Power and Finesse S175 to review in my household and see the power of Steam!!

The HAAN Corporation was started by a Romi Haan, a clever young Korean housewife who was tired of scrubbing her floors every day ( who can blame her!) .  In Korea, it is important that housewives keep their floors cleaned daily, but it was time consuming, not very effective and back breaking. Romi Haan started the HAAN Corporation with the help from talented engineers and designers who are dedicated to creating a durable and effective product that would revolutionize floor cleaning.  75% of Korea households are using the HAAN products, the move to the USA was the obvious next step.

When the handheld  steam cleaner arrived I was anxious to try it out and hoping that I would be able to put it together without hubby being home. Taking it out of the box I quickly noticed the different uses that it would have around my house, including deodorizing my carpets, steaming my curtains, and of course steaming my floors clean. I was able to put it together in a snap, and when reading the manual I learned about some of the fantastic features!

Swiveling Low Profile Head

Removable Water Tank

Machine Powered Steam Pump

15 Steam Jets

2 Reusable Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads

Attachment Kit: Shoulder Strap, Extra-long Extension Hose, Angled Nozzle, Wire Scrubbing Brush and Mini Steam Head with Cleaning Bonnet

Floor Protector Resting Mat

Lime and Scale Remover

We compared it to the Shark Steam mop and put it to a side by side test!! The HAAN s175 cleaned flawlessly. We did side to side cleaning comparing the 2 and when finished we used the HAAN Mop to clean up what the Shark wasn’t able to finish. And the Shark doesn’t have the detachable features that the HAAN has!!

 It is a fantastic thing to be able to effectively  get my floors clean without the use of chemicals that may affect my allergies or my sons asthma. The  HAAN Power and Finesse S175  is a breeze to operate all you do is fill the reservoir with water, turn it on and in a few seconds you have hot steam to clean and deodorize your home.  My floors came out amazing and there was no sticky, dull residue . We not only steamed the floors we also cleaned the shower door, and cleaned our white front door that until recently looked stained from wear ( being the front door for who knows how long).  I couldn’t be happier with this multi functional steam mop and recommend it to anyone who is looking for one. Not only is it competitively priced at $159.99 but HAAN is also giving a special $10.00 discount to Suburban Coupon Mom readers by using code  SEPSCM!!!

** I received this product in order to provide an honest review, regardless all opinions are my own**

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