DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift: Crayon Flower Vase

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When I was a kid, our elementary and high school was within walking distance of our home. I can still remember getting all the way to the end of the block, turning and seeing mom still watching us walk to school. My sister and I were only a year apart, so mom usually had her hands full with us! She was active in our school, both in the PTA and as a classroom volunteer. Mom did this for as many years as I can remember. I think because mom helped out in the classes, she found such an appreciation for how hard the teachers worked.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Crayon Flower Vase pin

To pay the teachers back for their dedication, even if just in a small way, mom would help us make a special gift for our teachers at the end of the year. We would get out craft supplies out and spread them out on the dining room table. My sister and I would work so hard on making the perfect teacher appreciation gift. This year, I wanted to help my kids make a fun gift for their teachers. We decided to make this really cute and clever Crayon Flower Vase. It is so easy to make, very affordable and the end result is super cute.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Crayon Flower Vase supplies

All you need is:

  • A small vase (we got ours from the Dollar store)
  • 48 Crayons (you may need less or more, depending on the size of your vase)
  • A glue gun or glue dots
  • Ribbon

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Crayon Flower Vase step 1

Step 1: Attach a glue dot, or a small dab of the glue gun onto each crayon.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Crayon Flower Vase step 2

Step 2: Line up the crayon with the bottom of the vase. Repeat until you have covered the whole vase.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Crayon Flower Vase step 3

Step 3: Cut a length of ribbon to fit around the vase and tie a bow. Fold it in half and make a crease. Attach a glue dot or spot of glue from the glue gun where you made the crease. This will keep the ribbon from slipping.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Crayon Flower Vase step 4

Step 4: Bring your ribbon around to the front and tie a bow. You may want to put a spot of glue on the sides if they seem to slip down.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Crayon Flower Vase 2

Now you are ready to fill your vase with some flowers or a nice succulent and give to your favorite teacher!

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