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Have you ever had an opportunity to stay in a vacation home while on family vacation, rather than a hotel? I never knew it was an affordable option until last year! Cramming my growing family into a hotel room was something I always dreaded when planning our family vacation each year. When I had the opportunity to stay in a Global Resort Homes property, I was introduced to the idea that not only could I afford to stay with my family in a large, comfortable home (WITH a private pool!), but I couldn’t afford NOT to! No more needing a vacation from all of the vacation stress – everyone has their own room and living space, the family can stretch out without “sleeping laps” and we all truly get a chance to unwind and relax.

I want to invite you to learn more about Global Resort Homes and have a chance to WIN a 4 day/3 night stay at one of their luxurious vacation homes for FREE – along with 4 tickets to Sea World Orlando and 4 tickets to Boggy Creek Airboat Rides! 3 runners up will also each receive a $25 Visa gift card! This would make a wonderful family vacation and with all of these awesome high-value prizes, it’ll be easy on the planning AND your pocketbook! So what do you have to do to enter to win? Easy, come and join me at the #GRHGiveaway Twitter Party on July 30th from 9-10pm EST. We’ll talk about Orlando vacation planning on a budget and give away some amazing prizes! Just fill out the rafflecopter below to get registered (you MUST be registered in order to be a winner but you don’t have to be present to win the grand prize!) and then follow #GRHGiveaway on Twitter for the event!
Make sure to spread the word! (Tell your friends that if they win, they have to bring you with!)

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  1. says

    After an outing with the kids, we’d love to come back and relax at a vacation home instead of all cramped into a hotel room! The kids would have more space to run around and we’d be so much more comfortable. Loving the sound of the Global Resort homes, esp the pool part!

  2. Christina says

    I love all the extra room that a vacation home offers over a hotel… the kids can have some down time and we wouldn’t all be on top of each other. We could also have breakfast at home before heading out for the day… and even dinner too.

  3. Todd says

    A home has more space, privacy, and your hotel “neighbors” cant listen through the walls or know your coming and goings!

  4. Cris says

    Would love living in a home while on vacation….more privacy, charm….saving money on meals…room to move around!

  5. Lori Amavisca says

    I have stayed at a home once before on vacation and it was wonderful! Having space to breath is so nice after busy days of sightseeing.

  6. Nina says

    Would love to win this! With a family of five and growing hotel rooms just aren’t big enough without having to get multiple rooms

  7. Kelly michaels says

    It is so much nicer being in a home instead of a hotel room . It gets a little cramped in hotel rooms.

  8. Chrystal says

    I would rather stay in a house for privacy and I don’t have to worry about the kids being so loud and someone being right on the other side of the wall.

  9. Sandy Gobler says

    I have a family of 6 and it is often hard to get a hotel room to accommodate more than 4 people – without breaking our bank. We do not get to take vacations because of the expense due to having a larger family. A vacation home would be a WONDERFUL option for us. :-)

  10. Julie Pearson says

    Staykng in a home would be great then u don’t have to worry as much about your familys noise level!

  11. says

    Always hard to get a hotel room with enough privacy and room for all, this is perfect and private pool too, also save money on eating out!

  12. Jackie V says

    More space! I have a family of 5 and my kids are bigger kids so it’s getting hard to cram in one room and two rooms pushes the budget a bit more.

  13. Ana says

    I would love to squeeze my beautiful family of five in a beautiful vacation home instead of a small 2 bed room :( so excited about this giveaway, I have never been out of my state and this would be an awesome opportunity! Thanks….

  14. juli guthrie says

    I have 3 really loud boys. Not having to be concerned about people being annoyed right through a thin wall is awesome!

  15. Amy N. says

    With my two little kids, it’s always nice having actual rooms for them to stay in, and having a kitchen available to prepare meals.

  16. Jessica Wilder says

    Love being able to “be at home” on vacation. Houses don’t disrupt the sleeping arrangements as much.

  17. Laura Wilson says

    The most exciting thing about staying in a private home is that you can save lots of money by cooking for your self instead of having to go out all the time!

  18. Elaine Powell says

    you have room to relax as well as food savings by not eating meals out, even if meals are simple

  19. Omo says

    Being able to stay in a spacious lodging with my family and cook what we really want to eat on vacation…..mmmm bliss!

  20. stacey mcneese says

    A vacation home would be so much more peaceful and our entire family could stay together. Not to mention saving on food costs!

  21. says

    more space and I wouldn’t have to worry about any meltdowns my 2 year old may have disturbing any of the other guests at the hotel. Also you can cook and not have to worry about eating out. Love the idea!

  22. says

    I have always stayed at hotels but now that I have a 4 year old and 9 month old their sleep schedules are getting harder to accomadate. I would love the oppurtunity to stay”at home” on vacation.

  23. Pamela S says

    There are two exciting things to me. One is having space for “older” kids who don’t want to cram together in a bed, and two is the ability to at least make some meals in the home instead of eating out each meal. THanks.

  24. Rachel Wright says

    I think it would be lovely to have enough space for the kids to play and not go stir crazy or drive their daddy up the wall. And not have to worry about being quiet and not disturbing neighbors on the other side of a thin hotell wall. Also I would love to win this because I could visit my sister in Orlando! and not have to cram into her little apartment and sleep on the couch and floors!

  25. Sarena Marvin says

    The best thing is the money you can save on food and less noise. would love a family vacation before the kids get too big. Thanks for the chance!

  26. amber camiller says

    I would be excited to finally be able to convince my husband to go. Sleeping with the kids in a hotel is the main reason we haven’t taken a family vacation with the kids.

  27. says

    This would be wonderful have not had a vacation since I had cancer 3 years ago. My son and his daughter just moved back in with us and have my 3 other grandbabies. We would be so grateful and all of us could go. Thanks for offering the opportunity.

  28. Gayle H. says

    The best thing about staying in a vacation home is that I can prepare my own food. There are a lot of things I can’t eat, so being able to fix meals for myself would be great!

  29. carol roberts says

    the kitchen for sure hands down save money on food we love this option and all the room not be cramped up

  30. says

    My family could so use this! How nice it would be to be able to cook and save $, not to mention a pool all to ourselves! Wouldn’t need to ge anywhere, it would be a great vacation just staying there.:) Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  31. Laurey Byrd says

    We would have more space and privacy in a home instead of a hotel room. I’m an early riser and I hate having to tip toe around a hotel room while everyone else is asleep.

  32. says

    Just love spending time with all my family! It would be so nice to stay together rather than split up into hotel rooms! Looks fabulous woud be so happy to win this!!

  33. Sarah Klein says

    The best part about staying in a vacation home rather than a hotel would be the space we would have and the privacy!

  34. Monique Atkins says

    I love stayin in a home instead of a hotel because its more relaxing and you have less worry. Would have more room and privacy.

  35. says

    A vacation house while being at one of the best places in the world? Omg what a dream and much needed relaxation. Cooking whatever you would like plus your own rooms would be a dream. Such privacy. Ugh if only I could be so blessed to win this!

  36. Tara Brooks says

    I love staying in a home instead of a house because of the privacy and with three kids, there is room to stretch out.

  37. Jessica Powers says

    I love that everybody can have there own room AND that I can save money by cooking meals instead of eating out!!!

  38. Bethany Austin says

    We would love the fact that we could do family meals instead of going out to restaurants the entire time. Privacy would also be a great benefit.

  39. Catherine says

    I think staying in a home gives you more privacy. It also gives you a sense of home like you never left the comfort of your own home.

  40. jayme irving says

    I would love to stay on a home.. Our last trip to Florida was not well.. The hotel was gross.. We could not access the beach by walking and when we did find a place to swim .. The whole family got sick from the oil spill chemicals that happened a month before our vacation… So we would love to give it a try again in a home …Thanks for the chance

  41. beth says

    still having healthy home cooked meals!! kitchen makes things great or even a grill. privacy too, without itty bitty disturbing neighbors. ;) more living space, hate hotels!

  42. Jannet L. says

    There’s no place like HOME and what better way to travel than to a lovely home away from home?! We can prepare our own dietary meals which suit our family’s lifestyle and keep refrigerated items cold and close at hand. After a long, enjoyable day at Sea World, I can’t imagine a nicer place to dream sweet Florida dreams than at a Global Resort Home!! Thank you so much for this magical and most generous giveaway!! :-)

  43. jill carroll says

    I am MOST excited about staying in a vacation home rather than a hotel because it offers more comfort and privacy. It is a more visually pleasing sight as well.

  44. Jamie says

    I would love to win this vacation! I have not been on a vacation since I was a child. I raised 3 sons alone and every cent was counted for. Please let me win. I would be so grateful :)

  45. Courtney H says

    I love that I can enjoy the excitement of a vacation but still have the quality private time with my family.

  46. says

    A vacation home would be better than a hotel because of all the room you would have, and on top of that it would be more relaxing without hte hustle and bustle of other people all around you.


    With my husband being a soldier and having been deployed 4 times, he does not do well around people. To have some peace and quite family time would be so wonderful. I just went through breast cancer and 7 procedures I am tired and need some down time with our family. Awesome giveaway and fingers crossed. HOOAH

  48. Starla says

    Staying in a home gives you the comfort of home while away from your home.
    You can cook your own meals, have the space to relax and really enjoy the few days you have
    away from you day to day life. I believe it would be more relaxing as you are not worried about waking others, taking turns in the bathroom and possible only have your beds as the only place to sleep and sit . All in all a better vacations!!!!!

  49. Lisa campbell says

    We took our first vacation jn a vacation home this past March. I don’t think we will ever vacation again in a hotel. The experience was amazing! Stress and free and lots of space. We were able to have breakfast and lunch in the home as well each day.

  50. Amanda Walton says

    We have four children so it would be awesome to be able to all stay in one place instead of two separate rooms or cramped in a suite!

  51. Jessica W says

    The most exciting thing is being able to feel like you’re in a home “away from home” yet have all the home amenities- cooking in, relaxing with space and a private pool? So nice!

  52. Roxanne Cardon says

    I love staying in vacation homes rather then a hotel room mostly for the fact that I can prepare meals for my family everyday.

  53. Colleen says

    I love that in a vacation home, it feels like a home away from home rather than being in an uncomfortable place such as a hotel room. From a family of 5, our vacations are much more enjoyable when everyone is happy and comfortable!

  54. Kelley H says

    What I appreciate is that it meets my needs as I live with disability. Hotels aren’t comfortable, but this type of vacation home will make vacation much more doable!

  55. Jennifer says

    I love not having to share a wall! We have had some bad experiences in a few hotels because the “forgot” to tell us there was a band or sport convention in town. Plus I can cook our meals.

  56. says

    We love staying in vacation homes because you have so much more room AND you don’t have to eat out all the time. Each family is in charge of one night of meals!! It’s great!!!!

  57. Aimee D. says

    I’m excited about privacy and a full kitchen! We can eat healthy and save money by not eating out so much.

  58. Ann Piotrowski says

    With 6 adults and one child in our family, hotels are too expensive. Full house with a kitchen and more than one bathroom would be heaven

  59. Jan B says

    Vacations homes are such a treat to stay in. I love having coffee on the lanai when I’m on vacation. We can get up and not wake the others.

  60. CPST_Jim says

    We could invite our son’s best friend and his parents! We all get along so great, and it would be so much fun for us to enjoy an Orlando vacation together. We couldn’t do that in a hotel.

  61. says

    I don’t have to be between 4 walls sometimes sharing everything with a 7 years old and 3 kids under 3. Not easy at all. Nothing like privacy and SPACE for the kids. The best!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  62. Sue D says

    It all has to do with Privacy!! Being able to do what ever you feel like doing without bothering anyone else. And also not having someone either above or besides you who make tooo much noise and keeps you up at night!

  63. Melanie says

    I love having the option of cooking a meal instead of eating out. You’ll save a ton of money by substituting one dinner out with a pasta dinner in. Or even having cereal or pancakes for breakfast instead of eating out.

  64. Rebecca F says

    privacy of it just being my family in the house, saving on food and if my kids wanna stay up late running around playing we don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone :)

  65. ALison says

    You have more privacy, more space, don’t have to worry about kids running off because they will be right there with you – just better all around!

  66. Julie Fields says

    It would be more comfortable and it would save on money for eating out every meal. Also more room to run around in. Thank you so much for this contest. If I won it would be a blessing:)

  67. Sherry Young says

    The thing I would be most excited about is actually getting to go on a vacation. If we can’t win one, we just can’t go. Have a disabled child, and another starting college. All the money goes to them. It would be so wonderful to actually be able to go somewhere, but it’ll probably never happen, I just can’t get that lucky!

  68. April Wray says

    Having the space my family needs! We like to cook while on vacation to save money for the fun stuff so a Home with a Kitchen sounds awesome!

  69. says

    There are 7 of us, and I don’t like having my family in 2 separate rooms in a hotel. I would love to try staying in a vacation home!!!

  70. Kelsey house says

    I would love the kitchen! I always miss morning breakfasts with my family at hotels, we usually just grab and go

  71. Elisa says

    My sister has a timeshare that we have used before, and it is so nice to have the extra room, and the kitchen so you can save money on food. But being in a real home sounds wonderful!

  72. Elisa says

    My sister has a timeshare that we have used before, and it is so nice to have the extra room, and the kitchen so you can save money on food. But being in a real home sounds wonderful!

  73. Sonja A. says

    I would definitely like not having to make sure our kids stay quiet all the time. Sometimes kids just need to run around, even if it is at 10:00 at night! ;)

  74. valarie brodt says

    Never been to a vacation home b4 we always go and stay with family. I think just the idea of a real vacation thrills me.

  75. says

    Ummmm Awwweeesomee!! I would definitely LOVE to win this one! I’ve got two daughters 6 and 4 and we’ve never been on a real vacation! This would be amazing and we’re only 8hrs away from Orlando!!

  76. says

    I would love to be able to take my Grand Daughter (my only one so far) and the rest of my direct family on a Florida Vacation! Hit all the site seeing amusement park (Disney,Bush Gardens, Cape Canaveral, the Ocean) all these things me, my two grown children and there mates, my Grand Daughter have never been able to see! All the while having all the comforts of home with a full Kitchen, Living Room, Bedrooms, A Beautiful yard, pool,and the privacy! That you so much for this opportunity, this is one of the things I have always wanted to be able to do and with this opportunity I may be able to!

  77. Sarah says

    I would love to have a kitchen to cook healthy meals in while on vacation! I always come home about 10lbs heavier! Ha!

  78. Lee Ann Cameron says

    When you are in a home, you dont have to worry about the noise from the next room. You dont have to feel the eyes follow you as you go to your room. You feel like you belong.

  79. Tiffany Witherspoon says

    Extra space to spread out and relax after a long day out sightseeing would be so nice. Not having another family right on the other side of the wall is definitely a plus too.

  80. Marie C. says

    I would love to be able to have a sleeping area separate from the kids. It would also be great to not have to make one of my 3 kids sleep on the floor!

  81. Armindy M says

    It’s definitely more comfortable. Plus, more space and privacy. I think it just adds even more relaxation to the vacation because it’s almost like being back home but without the stress and everything.

  82. says

    Stating in a home vs, a hotel would be great! The best parts would be that you can cook your own food, and the kids can move around more without disturbing other guests.

  83. catherine says

    I would be excited to stay in a vacation home just to get some family time! I love the idea of vacationing at a home away from home

  84. Samantha Daleo says

    I like that in a resort home we would have more privacy, more space to spread out and a chance to save some money by being able to cook food and do laundry there.

  85. melissa says

    this would be a great opportunity to go with my family on vacation ,this would be a dream :) good luck

  86. Lynda Keller says

    More privacy with personal space for each of us and the ability to cook your own food instead of eating out all the time.

  87. Andrea Smith says

    Not having to worry about my kids disturbing the neighbors if they get a little too excited. Also just having a little more of a home feeling while vacationing

  88. Christie Jackson says

    We have 4 children ages 3-8 so having the room, privacy and not worrying about them being too loud for a hotel room and disturbing the other guests. Its nice to have a kitchen to cook as its also hard to eat out a lot with the kids. Having separate rooms for the boys and girls and parents is also a plus!

  89. Maureen Butcher says

    I like that we would have all the comforts of home to fit everyone! And that we would have privacy and a pool woohoo!

  90. Margaret Puffer says

    It would be an easier tranisition for my special needs child therefore a true vacation for everyone.

  91. Linda Knoll says

    I would love all the extra space for the kids to play and to have a separate room from the kids for privacy. We would also enjoy saving $ by cooking our own meals. A private pool would be the icing on the cake!

  92. natasha bertoni says

    I would love to stay in a house on vacation you can cook home cooked meals and makes you feel like you are right at home but better and the space would be a deffinate plus and me and my children have never ever been on a vacation so we would all be very nlessed if we get chosen for this vacation it would be one of the best things to happen to me besides giving birth to my kids and I’m not very fortunet to be able to do this kind of stuff so we would be very luck and very happy if we did win :)

  93. Stacie Miller says

    Having all the comforts of home and extra space would be great. Also, love being able to not have to eat out!

  94. Kyra says

    We rarely go anywhere for more than 1 night hotel-wise. My son has food allergies and it’s just not possible to safely eat out with him for all meals several days in a row. To be able to stay somewhere in which we could buy our food and cook would be amazing!

  95. Gayle P says

    I love the idea of having a full kitchen and being able to make breakfast and not have to go out or order in expensive room service.

  96. Rebecca Rudelt says

    Best thing about staying in a house is you can find one that fits the needs more then a hotel :) a pool enough space, save money, a kitchen etc… And privacy, or and not sharing walls.

  97. Shanna S says

    NOT having to eat out for every meal. Being able to make quick easy meals for my family makes for a happy momma! Saves some money and is much healthier than always eating out. :)

  98. Kari T says

    With havig kids and being out all day it would be nice to come to a home and have room to relax instead of being on top of each other in a hotel. My husband has celiac disease so access to a full kitchen would be a big help for meals.

  99. Heather Wenning says

    Being able to bring the while family without worrying about multiple hotel rooms. Also, the privacy of a vacation home isn’t even comparable to a hotel. Plus I love being able to cook a family meal.

  100. Candice says

    Our family of seven stayed in a beautiful condo in Orlando. When we were vacationing at Disney and it was so nice to have our own rooms and privacy. Along with being able to cook meals.

  101. ruby reis wade says

    we can bring our own groceries and make our own meals. garage for my car. and can bring the whole family.

  102. Rebakah says

    This would be awesome with twin babies so we could have access to a kitchen for formula and baby food plus not feel like we’re disturbing everyone if our babies cry! Would live the privacy of a vacation HOUSE instead if hotel.

  103. Victoria Kaminski says

    I would love to just have a family day on vacation. Cook something good & enjoy some time as a family .

  104. Monica says

    I’ve never stayed in one. But I think it would feel more like home and comfortable. I would look forward to the space and being able to relax after a busy day of site seeing and adventure.

  105. diane q says

    having stayed in a rental condo before, its a place to call’ home away from home’. all staying can spread out and have their own space. while in a hotel ‘it’s just a place to lay your head at night’, hoping that you can block out the noise of those who snore, and the other hotel guests’ coming and goings

  106. kerri wright says

    I love having the freedom of a vacation home for the kids to just run around and be free in an environment that you are not sharing with others. I love the convenience of having a kitchen to cook meals to save money as well.

  107. Courtney Sanphasiri says

    My family lives in Florida, so it would be a great reason to visit them! Their home is small and I never have enough room, so it would be great to have a rental home! Some of them even allow pets, so that’s usually a plus!

  108. tamara j says

    A more enjoyable experience for my son who has PDD. There is room for a routine. Real meals is also a bonus!

  109. Rosalyn says

    The freedom to make meals for the family and keep a somewhat normal schedule with the kids. it gives the kids room to play and Mom and Dad some peace and quiet. It makes for a much more relaxed and pleasant trip for all of us.

  110. Sylvia Pickett says

    Excited about having lots of space and its always akward when the maids want to come in and you are in the room.

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