Disney’s Club Penguin Gives Back In A Big Way!


This holiday season kids who play Club Penguin had the chance to donate the coins they earned playing games to unlock the funding of real-world projects that will share a $1M USD contribution from Disney and Club Penguin. The results were fantastic! Take a look!

“Thanks to the generous virtual coin donations from millions of players, Club Penguin will be providing funds to build schools, playgrounds and libraries, and to protect endangered animals and their habitats. Players from 193 countries participated in Coins for Change this year, donating more than 21 billion coins to fund the following projects:

1. Schools (Ethiopia, Nicaragua, China): Through partnerships with organizations such as Free The Children and imagine1day , Club Penguin funds the construction of schools and classrooms, helping children get an education.

2. Libraries and Reading Spaces (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India): Club Penguin works with Free The Children and Partners in the Horn of Africa to provide books, training and information. These libraries supplement the basic education program by encouraging kids to read and learn on their own.

3. Playgrounds (U.S., UK, Haiti, Afghanistan, Argentina) With KaBOOM!, Club Penguin is building playgrounds and supplying Imagination playgrounds around the world. With Playground Builders, Club Penguin constructs playgrounds for children affected by war. These efforts provide jobs and bring money into local economies.

4. Animal Homes for more than ten different species (Argentina, India, Nepal, Russia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe): With organizations such as the Global Penguin Society, Wildlife Conservation Network and Rare, Club Penguin directly supports the protection and conservation of over ten animal species. Our partners use science management, field research and community education to help promote and protect endangered animals.

Through programs like Coins for Change, Club Penguin has contributed more than $12 million USD since 2007 to projects around the world, further raising social consciousness, inspiring and activating the 200 million players who take part in the online community.”


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