Disney’s Frankenweenie White Carpet Premiere!! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Never in a million years did I think I would have the opportunity to attend a Red ( or White in this case) carpet event and certainly not one that also included meeting some wonderful people and having some once in a lifetime experiences.  But all of that changed this last week when I attended the Premiere of Disney’s Frankenweenie at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood!!

Weeks of mental preparation went into this one night.. What dress would I wear?.. Would I wear heels or flats?…Should I cut my hair beforehand?

And much like my wedding day it was all over in what felt like a blink of an eye ( I guess that is how you truly know you are having fun)

Attending the event with some of the most amazing people I have met made smiling for the camera even easier, before heading to the White carpet we stopped and took a picture on the stairs that are walked before the Oscars!!

Say Money!!

When we arrived at the El Capitan we were greeted by a swarm of press all trying to get the best poses and pictures of the celebrities on the carpet in front of us. Being a newby to all of this glitz I was quickly caught like a deer in headlights and stood in awe of everything until I heard “Get those people out of our shot” Oops time to move along!

Walking down the carpet at a swift pace I was able to catch glimpses of Tim Burton, Winona Ryder, and Martin Short all looking fantastic and doing their best to keep the press happy.We grabbed our tickets ( I kept mine for a scrapbook) and headed into the theater where we were greeted and offered drinks and popcorn.  Inside the El Capitan theater is just beautiful, the whole theater screams old Hollywood and was decorated with spooky decor for this special event.  I saw an array of  stars from many of the Disney Channel shows that my kiddos watch  while walking to my seat, and when seated I enjoyed the many different Disney songs being played by Organ on the stage in front of us. Our seats were fantastic and before the movie started I noticed that I was a mere 2 rows in front of Martin Short and watched while Catherine O”hara came and greeted him before taking her seat.

Frankenweenie was fantastic ( Full Review Coming Soon) it is everything you have come to love in Tim Burton’s films with all the magic that only Disney can provide. When the show was over it was time for us to head over to the Premieres after party… and what a fun party it was!! Walking out of the theater many of the movies fans where outside waiting to catch a peek of their favorite stars and it was fun watching them, looking at us trying to figure out if we were famous or not.

Arriving at the party we were told to have a good time. At first it was overwhelming with all of the people and happenings going on, but after a little bit I found myself mingling with people that later I would find out are famous for one thing or the other. I was able to see most of the stars from the movie, many were being swarmed by fans and photographers so I decided that keeping my distance and watching was the best course to take.  They had many different fun Frankenweenie themed things to do,including a photobooth provided by Shutterfly and some hair raising science experiments!! All of the food was also in character with a variety of different ways to eat hot dogs ( one of my best memories of this is Tim Burton walking around with Corn Dog in hand) , along with some amazing tasting desserts and cupcakes.

As the night was coming to an end I decided that i was going to snap a few quick pictures of Tim Burton from afar and did exactly that.

But it was right before heading out the door that I was talking to some of the other bloggers and heard a commotion behind me only to turn around and have Tim Burton standing literally inch’s from me. In that instant  I had decided that it was my only chance to snap a quick picture with him and asked the all important question.. Mr. Burton (struggling to get the words out which is very unlike me)…would you mind taking a picture with me?? He looked at me and said “Yes”

We snapped the picture and he was off..Now I have to tell you that after this day I was exhausted so I can only imagine what he was feeling like with over a thousand pictures of him being taken and greeting endless amounts of people.  Unfortunately he went to scratch his head in the picture and looks slightly unhappy, regardless I have a picture that I will forever enjoy! ( and you would be a little crabby also..just sayin..)

I will forever cherish the memories that were made that night and continue to tell anyone who will listen about my adventures in LA!!

A special thanks to Sonsi for sending me the perfect dress for this occasion ( more about them on another post) I got so many compliments!!!

Keep an eye out for more of my adventures as a Hollywood tourist!!

Frankenweenie opens in theaters October 5th so check it out and tell me what you think!!

 **Disney provided me with airfare, lodging, and accommodations for this event, regardless all opinions are 100% my own and Frankenweenie should be on your must see list of movies!!***



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