Every Bite Brings You Home – Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Fun!


I LOVE to cook!! Some of my happiest moments are cooking either for just my little family or for parties.  I’m lucky that I cook, because… well my husband can’t! While I was in LA we attended a special screening of Dreamworks The Hundred Foot Journey which opens in theaters August 8th ( review coming soon) and afterwards were taken to the Le Cordon Bleu for a special cooking lesson and tour of the facility! In case you haven’t heard of The Hundred Foot Journey ( which I can’t imagine how that’s possible) take a look at the trailer below. It is really a fantastic movie!



Thank you Andrew From Benspark.com for this awesome picture!!

Of course The Hundred Foot Journey has a lot to do with food. But it isn’t just the food, it is the way a smell or a taste can bring us back to certain times in our lives either good or bad… Food is memories. I have another special post coming up with what taste brings me home and I think you’ll like it.

While we were there we learned to make a Parisian Mumbai Salad inspired by the film as well as ate some classic french food appetizer style ( which was AMAZING!)


Just looking at my pictures is making me hungry!! Never having had Indian food I was excited to see all the new spices and watch the demonstration so I didn’t mess anything up too bad! Watching the chefs and the chefs in training work was truly a learning experience! There is so many techniques and seasonings that can be used to take your meal to the next level. It was fantastic to use the spices that I had heard used so often while watching The Hundred Foot Journey, because I truly didn’t know what I was missing.demo


We were partnered up when it was time to cook and I had a fantastic partner ( Kristin from Free At Last)! We had a great time making our salad.  I may have messed up cutting the mango, but we made it look good and most of all it tasted fantastic!


Being at Le Cordon Bleu, learning from their chefs, and tasting the food made for an unforgettable day. I felt like a real chef! Now if I could just get the kids to stop thinking I was a short order cook!!



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