Experience Niro – The Newest Kia On the Block


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to check another fantastic state off of my bucket list when I traveled to San Antonio, Texas to experience the Kia Niro! What is the Kia Niro you ask? Just the newest Hybrid vehicle from Kia adding both style and comfort to a smooth ride.  Now obviously I am not a fancy schmancy automotive writer, but I can tell you a few things that may help when looking into this new vehicle, and why you may just fall in love with the new Kia Niro.



The Kia Niro is at first glance a slick-looking hatchback with superior hybrid capabilities but it’s truly the little things that makes this a car I would be happy to drive.  We got to hear all about the Niro before we got behind the drivers wheel, which for me is helpful to know what to look for ( and the things the company is proud of). Turns out the Niro is a lot more than I had bargained for and had a lot more to offer than I had believed. Sure its a good-looking car with the Tiger grill ( that really looks like a tiger if you look at it)

The Kia brand started 20 years ago and with only 2 cars ( the Sephia and the Sportage). Since then they have grown to 12 different models! In the beginning the reviews were not so great and Kia wanted to learn how they could change all of that. Over the years they have improved in every way possible bringing us what I consider some of the best automobiles you can get. Now you don’t have to take my word for it. Jd Powers ranked them number 1 in the automotive industry for initial quality and most recently they were in Car and Drivers Top 10. In 2011 they introduced their first “Green Car” with the Optima hybrid and to this day that is one of my favorite cars to drive. The Niro was engineered from the ground up to be a hybrid but they also wanted to make sure they touched 4 key points in the process of production. Was it engaging? Is it practical and roomy? Is it progressive? and finally Is it efficient? I can safely saying after driving the Niro that they were able to hit all of their points as well as exceed what they may have had for expectations.


The big surprise for us came when we were told that every Niro that was outside waiting for us, was filled with toys, and our first stop on the drive was Toys for Tots ( Cue happy tears!). In what is probably the most joyful time of year we were able to spread the love and help out local families! This was the highlight of my trip!


15878891_10155519450589057_917553119_n The Niro was simply impressive on every level. We had a smooth drive throughout Texas and had a blast with the superior sound system. The extra perks like wireless phone charger was a well welcomed surprise and can in handy more than once. The gas mileage on this vehicle was amazing! We had driven for what was a good 3 hours, the gage had barely even moved, and we were really giving it some gas!

The Kia Niro will be hitting dealerships everywhere starting in January, and honestly if you’re looking for something a little more fun with a lot of backing to it than the Niro is for you. Giving you room for just about anything you need and quality while driving it.



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