Fantastic Mom Inventor Giveaway!! 1/29 – 2/13


Some of the best, most loved products that I use in my household are Mom invented products. These awesome moms turn their ideas for helping our children into reality and work their butts of doing it. I have teamed up with some amazing Mom inventors to bring you this fantastic Mom Inventor giveaway!

Here is a little bit about each of the products that 1 lucky reader is going to win!!


SwimZip ( as seen on Shark Tank)  was started by Betsy Johnson when she was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26. She quickly learned that her skin cancer was linked in all of her sun exposure as a child. So Betsy decided to find a way to make sun protection easier for parents and children. SwimZip Sun Smart Swimwear was born – an adorable line of toddler swimwear (boys and girls) that has a full-length zipper down the front of the sun shirts that makes it so easy to zip-on and zip-off! Betsy is working hard to make SwimZip affordable to everyone – the price for both the 2 piece set swimsuit is only $29.99!


The Push Pack – Pre packed hospital pack

While pregnant for the first time, the “simple” task of packing her hospital bag felt overwhelming so mom inventor Laura Magu searched online for a prepacked hospital bag. One day she asked a local maternity store if she could just buy a bag that would have all of the essentials. After daughter Vivienne was born, Laura started making up prepacked hospital bags as baby shower gifts; everyone loved them, people would ask to buy them for gifts for their friends and the business grew.

The Push Pack includes natural & organic products that are specifically chosen based on interviews with new moms asking them what they really wanted and needed with them in the hospital. It has been featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, is “highly recommended” by Jamie Grayson, The Baby Guy NYC, and called the “Labor and Delivery Must Have” by Modern Day Moms.


$25.00 gift certificate to Sticky Bellies

Parenthood: The days are long but the years are short. Invented by a photo-obsessed mom eager to slow time, Sticky Bellies® are removable stickers that help parents document one year of baby’s amazing growth with style and ease! By combining the look of a custom shirt with the convenience of a sticker, Sticky Bellies® help create adorable pictures from pregnancy through the toddler years. Simply peel, stick, and snap a pic! Shop our 13 adorable styles and find a retailer near you at


Babies develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play and Baby Jack Blankets offers a variety of textures and colors on every blanket, providing comfort, security and entertainment. Each 14” x 18” satin lovey offers silk modern top fabric paired with minky dimple fleece backing accented with ribbons. Ribbons are sewn shut for added security unlike other products on the market. Babies love to chew, play and rub the tabs on Baby Jack Blankets. It’s a perfect security tag baby blanket and this tactile toy is also a great therapy tool for kids and adults with special needs.

Handmade in Milwaukee, WI USA employing a team of skilled women and partnering with Easter Seals Middle Georgia, providing work training for persons with disabilities.

Giveaway: 14”x18” Boy/Girl/Neutral Satin Sensory Lovey valued at $28


The Twooth Timer

There’s a real need in the dental health market – to make dental hygiene a fun life skill so that kids will make it a lifelong habit. To fill that void I have developed characters like Twoothy T™ and the Twooth® Fairy and created products based on these characters to encourage healthy habits in an engaging way. Oral health affects overall health and it is vital that children develop healthy habits at a young age. My company’s mission is to provide the tools and resources for parents to help their kids have healthy smiles.

Benefit to MOMS: Many moms struggle with their children’s dental hygiene. The twice daily brushing battle can leave moms frustrated and wanting to throw in the toothbrush! But poor oral health leads to serious and expensive problems down the road. Prevention is definitely better than restoration! Kids need to brush for two minutes to effectively clean their teeth, improving their oral health which in turn affects their overall health.

As a mom, I struggled with the same issues and invented the Twooth® Timer to solve my children’s dental dilemmas. Not only did my children get good checkups but it helped lower the dental bills!

Giveaway: The NEW Twooth® Time Brushin’, Flossin’ Fun Kit – the dental hygiene kit for kids that has everything but the dentist! Value $19.99

Want to win all of this mom invented awesomeness??

Simply fill out the form to be entered and Good Luck!!


  1. Catherine S. says

    Considering I will be give birth soon, I would really like the push pack. I remember having a ton of stuff I didn’t need the first time around. It would be great to not have to think about it!

  2. Alexia says

    These are all amazing products but right now, I would choose the baby jack’s blanket. Or maybe the Push pack or sticky bellies…

  3. says

    On this list, my favorite Mommy invention is the Push Pack. It’s so convenient to have all the toiletries (and then some extra goodies) all planned for you and in one place. It would be so nice to be able to just throw it in my hospital bag instead of making sure that I’ve packed each thing.

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