First Annual Thanksgiveaway Spectacular!!


Thanksgiving is almost here! It’s one of our favorite holidays. Besides being a time to get together with your family and best friends (and no one is forgetting the shopping and deals that follow over the next few days!), it’s a time to enjoy your favorite foods. If you can’t chow down on Thanksgiving, when can you? Suburban Coupon Mom and Pandora’s Deals have reached out to some of our favorite food brands to ask them to help us help YOU have a happy Thanksgiving. And boy, did they deliver!

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving this year with our first joint Thanksgiveaway! 10 lucky winners from just our two blogs will each walk away with something to make Thanksgiving easier, more enjoyable, or yummier. Maybe all three!

Here are our fantastic sponsors. Please take some time to check them out. We handpicked them for this event!



Wholly Guacamole

Both of us absolutely LOVE Wholly Guacmole products. Check out how Meredith digs in for Taco Night! They’re fresh and delicious and perfect for Thanksgiving. Serve some guac and salsa (mango is the best!) with tortilla chips or fresh veggies, or on baguettes for appetizers while the bird is cooking. And there is nothing to spruce up a leftover turkey sandwich like some Wholly Guacamole. This brand is far and away our favorite and their products are so versatile, great for both appetizers and snacking and using as a main ingredient in a meal. They have tons of awesome recipes on their website, and you definitely want to follow on Facebook and Twitter. They release exclusive coupons all the time!

Wholly Guacamole is providing a cooler full of guacamole and salsa to THREE winners for the Thanksgiveaway!


CVS logo


Lindsay at Pandora’s Deals is a big time CVS fan. I get the very best deals here with their ExtraCare Bucks program and I recently had the opportunity to review some products from their Total Home line, things like plastic wrap, plastic baggies, and other home goods. They are great quality and definitely stack up with name brand products. So many of these things come in handy when you’re hosting a big dinner. Another CVS store brand product I plan to have on hand for our Thanksgiving celebration is their Chewy Antacids. And I’m going to need to get more because we ran out of the last bottle. They taste great, work great, and are less expensive than the name brand. You know heartburn is the course that comes after dessert, so be prepared! Be sure to follow CVS on Facebook and Twitter.

CVS is providing a selection of Total Home products to one winner, and a bottle of CVS Chewable Antacids to a second winner for the Thanksgiveaway!


butterball logo


Nothing says Thanksgiving like a Butterball turkey. They are *the* name in Thanksgiving turkeys and we love all the how-tos you find on their website. If you’re at a loss for how to prepare your bird this year you can go straight to their website for all kinds of ideas and easy-to-follow instructions. Roast it, fry it, marinate or brine, carve it, you name it, they can tell you how to do it! Follow Butterball on Facebook and Twitter for the best Turkey Day bird cooking tips!

Butterball is providing coupons for a FREE turkey (up to $20) to three winners for the Thanksgiveaway!



Ben & Jerry’s

Does Ben & Jerry’s even need an intro? Seriously, it’s the best ice cream ever. What’s your favorite flavor? Meredith at Suburban Coupon Mom loves them all and Lindsay at Pandora’s Deals loves Coffee Caramel Buzz. It really is hard to choose just one. Ben & Jerry’s has so many unique varieties of ice cream. How do they come up with this stuff?! There’s something for everyone and it would make the perfect side to your pie or serve it as the main dessert. Check out all the amazing flavors and be sure to follow Ben & Jerry’s on Facebook and Twitter.

Ben & Jerry’s is providing one lucky winner with coupons for 3 FREE pints of ice cream for the Thanksgiveaway!



King Arthur Flour

Who likes to bake homemade desserts for Thanksgiving? We do! What’s Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, or some sort of pumpkin dessert?! King Arthur Flour makes several varieties of high quality flour. Lindsay made this delicious bread with it and her family loved it. They have tons of amazing recipes on their website. Get a napkin before you go look – you’ll be drooling. Follow King Arthur Flour on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll get an eyeful of amazing recipes right in your newsfeed! YUM!

King Arthur Flour is providing one lucky winner with a coupon for a FREE bag of flour for the Thanksgiveaway!


There are a total of 10 prizes provided by our awesome sponsors:

  • (3) Wholly Guacamole Coolers
  • (1) CVS Total Home Products Prize Pack
  • (1) CVS Antacid Prize
  • (3) Butterball Turkey Coupons
  • (1) Ben & Jerry’s Free Product Coupons – 3 coupons included!
  • (1) King Arthur Flour Free Product Coupon

WOW! We’re so excited to be able to make Thanksgiving a little happier for 10 of our readers! This giveaway starts on October 21 and runs through November 4, 2013 at 11:59pm ET. It is open to US residents ages 18+. Please read additional Terms & Conditions on the Giveaway Tools below. There’s only one mandatory entry and it’s a fun one. We can’t wait to read your comments! Other entries are all optional but the more you complete, the more chances you’ll have to win.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Allison Lane says

    I have to add more words than dessert to make my comment long enough, but I don’t know why I would have to since DESSERT should be sufficient for such a question :)

  2. Jo says

    I love that all four generations are together for the day. Last year my 92 year old father ate half a pound of butter thinking it was a new soft cheese. Love the memories!

  3. Ann Piotrowski says

    Love spending time with my mom getting everything together and cooking. Our house looks and smells so good, right before the rest hit the door.

  4. Jean Murray says

    I love spending the day with family. Food wise, the piece is skin that covers the stuffing on the back of the turkey. Next to that I’d have to say homemade pumpkin cheesecake.

  5. jessica valderas says

    my favorite part of thanksgiving is sitting with all my family and enjoying everyone being together with great food..

  6. Calshondra Williams says

    The whole Thanksgiving Dinner is awesome to me. Celebrating, eating and talking with family and friends.

  7. Lori Peery Davis says

    I love everything. I also try one new dish every year. I think a pumpkin cheese cake from a previous post on your blog will be my new tradition this year

  8. Debbi says

    My best times during Thanksgiving are the new and old memories we share during dinner with all of my family around the table.

  9. Ambrielle Bender says

    My favorite part of the food is Cranberries! Of the Holiday it’s self my favorite part is when my husband invites some of the single soldiers in his unit over, so that they can have a warm home cooked meal even though they can not be with family.

  10. Carolyn Gates says

    Spending time with my family oh and YAMS, what I am taking about we eat those at least once a week, love them

  11. Melanie says

    I love the turkey and the mushroom soup/ green bean casserole with fried onions. And, how no matter where we live, we manage to get together with “family”, related or not.

  12. Georgie C says

    The best part of Thanksgiving is time spent with your loved ones and the good food prepared and making of the Pumpkin pies

  13. Amy N. says

    My grandmother taught me how to make her famous “creamed onions,” and I only make them once a year, for Thanksgiving. I love seeing the joy on my family members’ faces as we sit down to our meal and dig into grandma’s specialty…

  14. angela vaught montgomery says

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is when its over and all the family and friends can set down and relax and enjoy each others company. That and all the yummy desserts we have

  15. Cindy vonHentschel says

    Cooking for my family, and having us all sit down to a nice dinner is my favorite part. Well, and the pumpkin pie ;)

  16. Kim Reyes says

    I love just my husband and my 3 kids and I being together, watching the parade and just spending the day hanging out. With everyones busy schedules that doesn’t happen too often anymore.

  17. Tina says

    I love the whole day. I don’t mind all the cooking because at the end of it all, we have a fun and terrific day.

  18. Karen Falicetti Soifer says

    A day about food and eating is not my favorite part,it’s all being together and the kids having time with their cousins. Most holidays do have special food involved but its more about the company we keep.

  19. mary dziadziak says

    I love when its finally all over… leftovers put away, dishes cleaned, everyone relaxing after having eaten too much.

  20. Nanette Cole says

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving is of course spending time with family!!!! Of course and all the good food that we all make

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