Cute Koi Fish Windsock Craft


This craft is brought to you by my friend Kelly, from Kicking it with Kelly. My kids have a few weeks left of their summer vacation before it is back to school for them! Because it has been unusually hot and humid this summer, my kids have spent a lot of time inside. They love to play video games with each other and the occasional board game with me and their dad. When they get bored, I have a Summer Boredom Jar they can reach in and pick a Popsicle stick with a chore or fun activity on it. This has been a pretty good source of ideas as well as entertainment for the whole family. One of their favorites from the jar is the Koi Fish Windsock Craft. These little guys are cute and colorful and look great hanging from our back porch or from the kids ceiling fan!

Koi Fish Windsock pin

The kids love this craft because the end result is really adorable. I love it because it cost me about $2 and it takes them a while to make one, so they are out of my hair for a few hours! I bet you have most, if not all of the supplies in your kitchen or craft bin. What you don’t have, you can get from your local Dollar Tree store. Because Koi fish are so colorful, the kids will have fun coming up with their own color combinations for their Koi Fish Windsock Craft.

Fish Windsock Craft supplies

Here is what you need:

  • 3-4 colors of  cheap plastic tablecloth (if hanging outside), or card stock or construction paper (if hanging inside)
  • Plastic cup
  • Twine or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife (optional)
  • Permanent marker
  • Double sided tape, hot glue gun or glue dots

Fish Windsock Craft step 1

Step 1: Using your scissors or craft knife, cut off the bottom of your cup.

Fish Windsock Craft step 2

Step 2: On opposite sides, just under the top lip of your cup, make two holes. The holes need to be big enough to run your twine or yarn through.

Fish Windsock Craft step 3

Step 3: Time for the scales! Cut 35 (this depends on the size cup you are using) 2″ squares from your tablecloth or paper. Cut a rounded fish scale from each square (we printed a template for ours).

Fish Windsock Craft step 4

Step 4: Starting at the bottom (Caitlin did hers from the top for the picture to show the face and where to place the tails), glue or tape scales, overlapping each other, around the cup. Repeat, moving up to the top of the cup. When you have completed all your scales, using a permanent marker, draw your fishy face!

Step 5: Cut 15-20, 12″ x 1″ strips from the tablecloth. Glue or tape inside the tail of the cup.

What colors are you going to use for your Cute Koi Fish Windsock Craft?

Koi Fish Windsock

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