Flat Tire Products!! Some pretty amazing stuff!!!

When I think of worn tires that can’t be used anymore immediately I have the image of the giant tire mountain burning. I know its horrible and I don’t know why I think that way but I do ( can you imagine the smell?)  Recently I was shown a new way to use the tires that can no longer be driven, which is actually one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen in a long time.
Flat Tire decor designs and develops new and unique products out of tires that have reached their limit on cars, but still have plenty of miles left on them! Each product that Flat tire decor produces has its own unique character and story making sure that no 2 products are the same.  Flat tire decor makes a variety of products from Baskets to Tote bags!! Based in Milwaukee this company provides jobs to many individuals as well as providing valuable training and work experience to persons with disabilities.

By choosing a Flat Tire Decor basket you are supporting not only jobs within the US and the  Milwaukee area community, you are supporting those with disabilities. They make their  great baskets, and they couldn’t be more proud!

Flat Tire decor supports small business garden shoppes throughout the US with their Flower Pots for Tots initiative. What is Pots for Tots you ask??  Flowerpots for Tots™ is a program that works with participating independent garden centers, florists, and youth organizations and enables children, at no cost, to plant a flower in a pot that they make from recycled tires.

By making a pot out of a recycled tire and planting a flower it is Flowerpots for Tots mission to introduce children to the basics of plant life and recycling. Flowerpots for Tots is a creative project that helps children gain an appreciation for the environment as well as the responsibilities of caring for a living thing. Flowerpots for Tots is sponsored by Flat Tire Décor.

Mckenna and I had an amazing time planting some new flowers to place in the front of our house and my new Messenger bag is sooo stylish!!  The quality is top notch and  the uniqueness of the product simply cannot be compared!!


Yayyy for fun giveaways!! Flat tire decor has so kindly offered to  giveaway  2 prizes for this giveaway! So that means 2 winners!! YaY!!! Enter below to win either a Mommy and me pot set, or the super stylish messenger tote!!! Good Luck!!!


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  1. tracy voit says

    I like the satchel and the flower pot I know that some of the playgrounds here have the shredded tires instead of mulch. its a lot softer and doesn’t get stuck in shoes

  2. Deeann says

    I think it all is very cool I really like the tube tote messenger bag would love to win this. Thanks for the chance to win

  3. says

    Thank U for this giveaway!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the idea of usinf recycled tire, that is just genius!!!!
    I think my favorite item was the Half- Round Scroll Mat. Would be perfect at my front door♥

  4. Shayla Dunlap says

    My fave is the Pot Lifts, very nifty so the plants dont drown in the water, it just drains away!

  5. sandra key says

    I love the Catalina pot. It is just right to hold all those little things that keep getting lost. Those pots and totes are a great idea, and it keeps those tires out of the landfills.

  6. Jillian Kennedy says

    I love the idea that I can use them as a flower pot and I’m sure my son would too!! He is 6 and has Sensory Processing Disorder so it’s hard to get his hands dirty, this would be something that would help because he would think it’s so neat! :)

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