A Fun “Frozen” Press Day At The Disney Animation Studios


There is nothing quite like pulling up to the Roy E. Disney animation building and knowing that this is where magic happens. It was at the Wreck it Ralph press day last year that I was first introduced to a movie that I knew I would love just by looking at the concept art.


There are so many cool things to see at the animation studios and it has to be one of the best places to work anywhere. Each time a new movie is in production the whole studio reflects the project or projects going on at the time. While I was there I had the fantastic opportunity to chat with the Directors and Producer of Frozen. When we sat down with Director Chris Buck (“Tarzan”) first-time Director Jennifer Lee (co-writer, “Wreck-It Ralph”), and with Disney Producer Peter Del Vecho (“The Princess & the Frog”, “Winnie the Pooh”) we learned so much about the movie and the process that they went through to make Frozen the movie I am sure you will love.  Turns out Frozen was about a 5 year process that included extensive research.

The story originally included Elsa as an evil snow queen like the story portrayed, but they didn’t want to portray a traditional good versus evil story. Chris Buck pitched the idea of having this story be about a different kind of love, a love between sisters. They all loved this and the story took off from there. Now I don’t have a sister but you could certainly feel the love and bond that Elsa and Anna have with each other.


When we were finished we broke off into 3 groups ( Elsa, Anna and Olaf) and were taken to participate in different activities to have a first hand feeling on what it was like to make a Disney animated film.  My group ( Elsa) was first taken to do voice recordings as Olaf ( which you will see and hear later). There is nothing more intimidating than standing in front of your peers trying to create the best voice over possible but it also makes you realize how much work is actually put into it as the voice work is one of the first things done for the movie.


Next stop for team Elsa was an animation workshop with the Animators that brought these loveable characters to life.


I loved hearing about how the animators felt connected with the characters they worked on and how even when the movie is over they still feel a special bond with that character and the movie itself.

 Our next and final stop was the rigging lab. Basically rigging gives the characters movement and life. It can turn what looks like Frankenstein walking into fluid motion giving the characters there many distinctive qualities and querks.

Did you know that Elsa has 419,000 pieces of hair? I was shocked and even further surprised to learn that she had more hair than Rapunzel did for the movie Tangled.

We were than given some time to play around with Olaf and make him move and give him different expressions.


I had the best time learning about the different aspects of making a fun movie like Frozen and hope to one day return to learn more Disney animation secrets!!

Disney’s Frozen comes to theaters everywhere on 11/27 make sure you don’t miss it!


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