Goldie And Bear – Best Fairytale Friends


goldie and bear

A spin-off of the famous fairy tales we all know and love re-imagined for a new generation of children; get to know Disney Junior’s latest DVD release, ‘Goldie & Bear Best Fairy-tale Friends’. Disney describes the animated series as ‘Storybook Favorites with a Magical Twist’, and magical they are indeed. Children are entertained as they follow the main characters ‘Goldie’, (short for Goldilocks) and her BFF ‘Bear’ (clearly after the porridge / breaking and entering incident) as they venture through Fairy-tale Forest interacting with the numerous residents who, you guessed it, are some of our most beloved canonized fairy-tale characters.

After viewing the 7 episodes with my two toddlers, I can honestly say it was difficult to determine who was more engaged, me or the kids. Already my little princess is asking for Goldie and Bear apparel because she identifies with the main protagonist, that being the vivacious Goldie who is spunky, imaginative and jovial. I was struck by the similarities and relatability these characters have to my own children, well other than Goldie having a wild animal as a best friend (although I do feel that her five-year old brother does sometimes qualify), as Goldie isn’t a princess, isn’t enchanted, isn’t magical, but somehow inspires that in all of us.


Then there’s Bear, he’s logical, alert, caring and cautious always looking out for Goldie and their friend’s; qualities that perhaps many of us wish we had just a little more of. Although difficult to distinguish, perhaps my favorite episode from the two-hour DVD is entitled Fee Fi Fo Shoes. In this episode the Giant (think Jack and the Beanstalk) loses his shoe and, being the opportunist she is, Little Old Woman (who lives in the shoe) moves right on in. Conflict arises due to the shoes location, smack dab in the middle of the Buttercup Ball playing field, impeding the Lacrosse style game that Goldie and her friends play. How will our two characters solve this stinky situation well for that you’ll have to watch and see. But here’s a hint, 3 pink colored friends get involved and they just happen to have a knack for building things out of sticks.


Now, I should mention that included with the DVD is a free Playtime Fun Activity Kit that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed (hooray for stickers). Additionally, available online at, are free printable coloring pages of Goldie and Bear coupled with an oh-so-cute online game. So if you’re in the mood for a walk down fairy-tale lane, pick up Disney’s new adventures of Goldie & Bear and introduce your little one to enchanting world of Fairy-tale Friends.

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