Halloween Express Spooky Giveaway!

Halloween Express Giveaway


Halloween is going to be here before we know it!! Take a look at this amazing giveaway my good friend Lindsay over at See Mom Click has asked me to join her in and make sure to take a look at her amazing review!! Are her kids cuties or what? I will admit, Halloween is probably my favorite time of the year and I am really excited to be helping with this giveaway!!



  1. Jennifer H says

    My kids want to be Scooby Doo characters……as Zombies!! So I would get the Daphne and Fred children’s costumes and some zombie makeup/accessories!

  2. anne hansen says

    I would definitely get the medieval asassin costume for my 14 year old son..some kitty ears and a tail for the 4 year old and a witch hat for me!

    I love Halloween and dressing up!

  3. Stephanie says

    Halloween is my favorite holiday!!!! I have 3 kids and we would love to win this contest!!! Thinking Star Wars might be our theme this year! So many fun choices!

  4. Jenn Cotton says

    I cannot complete the answer to this question just yet! My kids only change their minds on what they are going as or want to be, another 30+ times before halloween. I can guarentee, it would be for 3 undecided costumes :-) Another BONUS of motherhood!!!

  5. Christina B. says

    I like the Indian Maiden Costume from the girls department. My kid has the darkest hair and a nice tan coloring so I think she would be stunning.

  6. Laura Harris says

    I like so many things..we love Halloween..I really liked the Scarlett from gone with the wind movie..that would be a fun costume!

  7. Sarah Stedman says

    I would buy the Elsa costume for my youngest daughter and try to find bits for my other kids costumes. A unicorn, a mime, and undecided.

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