Holiday Jammies and Drinks Winter Round Up

Comfy & Cozy Holiday Pajamas Gifts Guide

If you’re like me, when winter hits you like to hide. Not from everyone, but from Mr. Jack Frost and his frigid freeze. That’s why I love comfy holiday pajamas and things to keep me comfy and cozy. If you’re looking for ways to avoid the cold and stay snuggly warm, here’s all of the holiday pajamas and holiday pajama gifts you’ll ever need.

Holiday pajamas for women (for you):

If you want women’s holiday pajamas for women, we have some of the “coolest”, coziest and comfy-ist styles of women’s holiday pajamas picked out. Not only will these keep you warm and cozy, but some of them are too cute to ever pass up. Here are 5 pairs of holiday pajamas for women that you will never want to take off or remove.

Thing One and Thing Two Footed Pajamas for Women. Not only will you stay snuggly warm in these footed holiday pajamas for women, but you’ll love walking around with the Things on your feet. Perfect for watching the Dr. Seuss Christmas Special or relaxing after the family leaves, these super comfy holiday pajamas for women will be your favorites every year!
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Footed Pajama Pants for Women – $14.99With flat fee shipping on these Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer footed pajama pants for women, they’ll arrive in a flash before the holidays. Let his red nose light the way to protect your feet from getting stubbed while walking through your house. These are too cute and must haves!
The KatNap women’s holiday pajamas nightshirt lets you remember to not open any gifts (or bug mom) until after Christmas.
Lazy One Beary Christmas Nightshirt for Women – $19.99Super comfy and super soft, and insanely hard to force yourself to take off, this cute and fun night shirt is the perfect thing if you are looking for holiday pajamas for women.

Matching holiday pajamas for the family:

You cannot go wrong with Torturing I mean creating memories with your family than having matching holiday pajamas for the family. By combining your love for themes and memories with the fact they drove you crazy, here are a fun fun styles that come in sizes and are matching for the entire family.
Click the banner to find the styles. Here are a few of our favorite options from the site.
Free Shipping on orders over $40
Links to images are here:

Comfy holiday slippers for you and your family

There’s nothing more comfy thank keeping your Christmas Piggies warm and toasty which is why we found these fun styles of holiday slippers for you and your family. Some of them come with matching family styles and in all sizes.

Elf Slippers for Men, Women and Kids – $17.99These Elf slippers come in sizes from kids to adults making them the perfect holiday slippers for your entire family. Not only are they fun and festive, but they make an awesome family photo accessory for when you wake up to open gifts in the morning.
Santa Mouse Christmas Slippers for Kids – $8.99The Santa Mouse slippers for kids make a perfect gift and help keep their feet warm when they have to walk across cold floors. Even better, instead of tracking your floors with footprints, teach them to put them on after a bath or shower and save yourself from foot prints every morning.
Pink and Gray Fair-Isle Bootie Slippers for Women – $16.99If you want super comfy, check out these bootie slippers for women. They come in pink, black and keep your feet toasty warm and super comfy. These are a must have if you want to relax!
Polar Bear Paw Slippers for Men and Women – $21.99These Polar Bear paw slippers are the perfect thing to help your grumpy bear wake up happier in the morning. No more “cold feet” when he’s nervous, and he’ll be able to “bear” cold floors instead of avoiding waking up to walk to the bathroom at night with these fun holiday slippers.

Coffee Cocoa and Cocktails

You can’t have a comfy and cozy holiday pajamas gift guide without some sort of way to warm yourself from the insides out. Instead of just having tea and coffee, why not try a few fun and fabulous cocktails or even send the gift of warm beverages to friends with the cocoa and coffee baskets below.

A hot cocoa and coffee gift set…perfect to send anywhere. Change the country when you get to the site to the USA or wherever you want to send and find fabulous chocolate, wine, champagne, coffee and other ways to warm your holiday spirit with this fun store! (They even have Godiva Towers! Wouldn’t it be a shame if you mixed up the order form and ordered yourself one too?)

Here are a few recipes for fun cocktails and cocoas:
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Cocktail –
Red Velvet Hot Chocolate Cocktail –
20 recipes (including kid friendly) for hot chocolate –
Thank you all again for reading and thank you for letting us use your images and having us as a partner. Let us know what keeps you warm and cozy and come share your favorite ugly holiday sweaters, matching holiday pajama family photos or even your favorite slippers for the holidays.

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