Kia and Six Flags Great America- A Winning Combination!



What do you get when Kia comes to your local Six Flags? The smoothest ride in the park of course! Just a few weeks ago the kids and I packed up our Kia Sportage and headed over to Six Flags Great America to not only have a blast on the rides, but also check out and drive some of the newest Kia’s around!! Obviously Kia is one of my favorite brands around, their underdog story inspires me and there automobiles are simply fantastic. Our first stop at the park was to the Ride and Drive event they were having that day. We were instantly greeted by smiling faces and our favorite hamster friends!!


The day was perfect for both testing out some superior vehicle but also to ride some insane coasters, luckily we were able to do both.  We signed up for the ride and drive, got our cute little wrist bands and we were on our way!

20170528_135747 While there we were able to choose which car we wanted to drive around for a bit from Kia’s awesome fleet of vehicles! Trust me it isn’t easy to choose ( almost like picking a favorite child) but when it came down to it the choice for us was easy!


Who did we pick??? Well Niro of course! Kia’s newest hybrid vehicle that is stylish, sleek, and ooh so efficient in  fuel consumption! We had the chance to drive Niro around back in San Antonio and was almost like saying hello to an old friend!



The Niro provided the smooth and luxurious ride that we love as well as made everyone jealous as we drove away. The Kia Niro is at first glance a slick-looking hatchback with superior hybrid capabilities but it’s truly the little things that makes this a car I would be happy to drive! The Kia brand started 20 years ago and with only 2 cars ( the Sephia and the Sportage). Since then they have grown to 12 different models! In the beginning the reviews were not so great and Kia wanted to learn how they could change all of that. Over the years they have improved in every way possible bringing us what I consider some of the best automobiles you can get. Now you don’t have to take my word for it. Jd Powers ranked them number 1 in the automotive industry for initial quality and most recently they were in Car and Drivers Top 10. In 2011 they introduced their first “Green Car” with the Optima hybrid and to this day that is one of my favorite cars to drive. The Niro was engineered from the ground up to be a hybrid but they also wanted to make sure they touched 4 key points in the process of production. Was it engaging? Is it practical and roomy? Is it progressive? and finally Is it efficient? I can safely saying after driving the Niro that they were able to hit all of their points as well as exceed what they may have had for expectations.

What did we do after? Well explore everything that Six Flags had to offer. From rollercoasters, capes, to unicorn funnel cakes… We did it ALL!!






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