Adventures in Lego Kids Fest!!!

On Friday I packed up my youngest kids, grabbed my friend and her son and went on an adventure. For days we told our boys that I was covering the opening of a ladies apparel shop and we were going to go look at bras and have manicures while they watched. Little did they know when they got into the car that the almost 2 hour long drive to Milwaukee would end with them being at LEGO Kids Fest!!!!  The moaning and groaning on the way down made it harder for my friend and I to contain ourselves from bursting to tell them the truth. When we arrived in Milwaukee and walked into the Frontier Airline Center the boys were still oblivious to what was in store for them. Because I had Kenna in her stroller we had to take the elevator and was escorted on by a nice woman who told the boys to “Have A Great time!!!” the look of confusion on their faces was priceless. I finally asked the nice lady to tell the boys where they really were… and the reaction was fantastic!!!

      We were lucky enough to be a part of the VIK event ( Very important kids) which allowed us access to the fest 2 hours before it opened to the public and the kids felt like they were LEGO superstars!! I checked us in, we waited in line for a few minutes and when the doors opened we were escorted into the place where my sons dreams are made.  Imagine 3 acres of LEGO building fun, games, activities,  and of course a store or 2 to purchase some things!! ( It was Impressive) We were all taken to meet with One of the Two Lego Master Builders who were on hand that just happened to be a Father and Son duo ( Perfect for Fathers day weekend)  There the kids learned the techniques that the pros use to keep there creations steady, less vulnerable to being broken and a little bit about what it takes to be a Lego Master Builder ( Did you know there are only 7 in the US?)  Now it was time for them to get creative as he sent them to different stations to make their own spaceships. As the kids built away, their minds turning , Chris ( the Lego Master Builder) walked around asking the kids what they were making and offering tips on how to improve their spaceships.

When they were finished with their ships we walked to an area that had a giant outline of the United States and the countries around it, totally empty and plain we were told that the kids were to build something that represented a part they were familiar with or knew a lot about. And again the creative juices began flowing as kids looked for pieces frantically to find the perfect ones for their creation. ( By the fest close the outline will be completely filled)   The last picture in the collage below was taken Saturday by another friend who had gone, when the final picture is posted at the close of the Milwaukee event  I will put up all 3.( Beginning , Middle and End)

With the line of people getting bigger and the time for the show to open to the public quickly approaching I decided that we were going to go and take pictures with the AMAZING  LEGO sculptures that were created by the master builders and were out on display. It was amazing to see Darth Vader, Lightning McQueen, The Hulk , Sponge Bob Squarepants and soo many more built entirely out of Lego bricks!

With a roar the public quickly rushing  in,  the room was filled with kids oohing and ahhing the many different things that there was to do, Many not knowing which way to go first. We walked around for hours visiting the different stations that they had with themes ranging from Lego Ninjago to the new collection for girls The Lego Friends.  We did some shopping in the Lego store that offered many amazing deals on different Lego sets, and walked out with plenty of merchandise including T shirts and a stuffed Lego guy that Kenna had to have. We then made our way over to the Duplo area so Kenna could have some fun!! The Duplo area is the perfect area for smaller kids Kennas age and she quickly wanted out of her stroller to play in the giant pile of Duplos that were out. They had cute hats made up for all the kids and plenty of fun things for them to do, I was afraid the boys were going to be bored being in the “Little Kids” area but they had no problem carrying on as if they were in no place different then before, but lets face it there is no bad Lego!!

 Soon the day was coming to an end, the kids got their faces painted, grabbed there Club Lego magazines and reluctantly headed towards the exit.  We truly had an amazing time at LEGO kids fest and my son was already planning our trip for next year as we drove home.  If you have the chance to attend one of the events going on this year I highly suggest you do so, it is an opportunity of a lifetime for any Lego lover big or small.  Here are the remaining dates for this year.

Austin TX  –   August 31st – Sept 2nd

Detroit MI –   Oct 12th – 14th

Pittsburgh PA –  Nov 30th – Dec 2nd

I received tickets to LEGO kids fest for free in exchange for a review of the event, regardless all opinions are my own and I only endorse products or activities that I think are beneficial to my readers.



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