Lights, Camera, and Staging of Inside Out!


Last week I shared a little bit about all the behind scenes fun that there is involved in the new Disney/Pixar movie Inside out which is in theaters everywhere on June 19th. So now I get to tell you a little bit more in hopes that you will see how truly unique this movie has become and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.  In ever realized how that lighting and staging would be an issue when it came to animated films, but then again who really thinks about how much goes into these movies that we love so much.  Think about it when a regular live action movie is made the staging and lighting is much easier because you have actual people and places to work with. With an animated film its like your creating as you go along. To make sure that the shot fits and the lighting is exactly what it needs to be.

When we met Patrick Lin the director of photography and lighting artist Angelique Reisch I had no idea how difficult and rewarding watching their work would be.


Patrick showed us how he created both of Riley’s worlds and how it was almost like creating two different movies having the worlds be so different and the same all at once.  The Inside world is created on a more dolly like track system that goes back and forth. Where as the natural world is darker with more hand camera like movements. It is less smooth in the real world and much more choppy (kind of like life).


It was a 15 month process for both to complete their portion of the film and what an amazing job they both did. When speaking with Angelique I loved listening to her excitement as she told us the details on what it took to light a fantastic character like Joy. She is a visually a lit character who has her own brightness that surrounds her which made getting all of her aspects a challenge.


The amazing colors and different ways that each character was brought to life by the lighting surround them was absolutely intriguing to me. You really don’t think so much about what goes into these movies while watching them. Sitting down with these amazing people I have an entirely new appreciation for these movies.

Disney/Pixars Inside Out will be in theaters for everyone to love on June 19th and you will be sad if you miss out!!!

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