Making Driving Fun With The Mazda 6


I loved driving the Mazda 3 and that was no secret, so when the stylish big brother to the Mazda 3 arrived at my door I fell instantly in love.

Immediately I was drawn in by its grill, a style that has become increasingly popular with other brands, and its ‘Soul Red’ color. Moving inside I found another reason to love the Mazda6. The interior seat styling in almond leather is not just nice to look at and feel but it gives the car a classier look that took it a step beyond regular sedan. Not to mention I love heated seats. It is in many ways very similar to the Mazda 3 but much roomier and with a few more perks!


Now I took this bad boy to a very popular blog conference called “Blogher” so not only did I need a car that would fit my friends for our many adventures but one that would also carry home anything ( which was a ton) that I may have collected while at the conference. Not only was I impressed but the other bloggers who got to drive in the Mazda 6 were also completely impressed. The handling of the vehicle was smooth and it makes for a fantastic ride. Having more room than the Mazda 3 it is easier to get car seats and kids in and out.  Loaded with the best features and Mazda’s Skyactiv technology you simply can’t go wrong.  What is Skyactiv technology you ask?

“SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY has been developed which is an umbrella name for a range of breakthrough, new-generation technologies that dramatically improve driving pleasure as well as outstanding environmental and safety performance.”

The Mazda 6 impressed this mom with all of the great safety features, ample room, and of course it’s just a sexy looking car.

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