Memory Maker Magic At Walt Disney World Parks!


Last week my family and I were in Walt Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms conference. While there we got the chance  to not only explore all that the parks had to offer, but also use their Memory Maker. Which proved for me to be worth every moment you can create with it.  Honestly, I look at these pictures now and can’t imagine not having them and the fun memories I have of actually being in the pictures with my kids. What is Memory Maker you ask? It’s a photo pass that is linked to your Magic band that can be  used throughout all of the parks and not only links the pictures that you stop to take with photographers but also the insanely fun out-takes that are taken on various rides.


So yes, that’s totally me on The Seven dwarves mine train. What you may not know is that I am deathly afraid of all roller coasters ( yes even the kiddie ones). My son had begged me to go on one coaster with him,the lap belt could not be on any tighter, and I am terrified ( yes that is a toddler behind me).. But this picture is fantastic!  Not only did we get pictures but on many of the rides you get a fun video that is downloadable as well.

Once your finished making your memories, you have a period of time to download the pictures or purchase prints.  When online selecting please take note that you can get sucked into a vortex of fun borders and stickers you can add to your pictures. Seriously… way too much fun!

PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7680765089 What I thought was probably the most fun with these pictures were the Magic shots. Certain photographers around the parks ( you should ask them to be sure) have what are called magic shots. Different scenes you almost act out and have fun characters from different Disney movies added in on your pictures. Think anything from Olaf to the Hitchhiking ghost in the Haunted Mansion instantly added to the fun of your family vacation! The best part.. I didn’t have to take one picture, I was able to get in the fun and not worry that the memories weren’t being captured.



So one of my newest tips for anyone visiting Walt Disney World is to get the Memory Maker. You’ll be happy you did as the price more than makes up for itself.

** I received the Memory Maker pass complimentary.. all opinions are my own and I loved every minute of it!**

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