Mixing It Up With The Moms Of Switched At Birth and Pretty Little Liars!



Look at those amazing ladies!! Who wouldn’t have an amazing time when given the opportunity to be in a casual setting, having drinks and appetizers with some of the hottest moms from some awesome ABC Family shows! That is exactly what it was like to sit casually and chat with these amazing women! Now I have to be honest and tell you that I haven’t seen the show Pretty Little Liars.. yet but had seen both Holly Marie Combs and Laura Leighton in past shows. My nieces however could tell you everything that there is to know about Pretty Little Liars and when I told and had shown them the pictures from the Mom Mixer I was instantly the coolest aunt ever!


Both ladies were so easy to talk with and loved talking about being mom’s both in real life but also on-screen.  I learned a lot more about the show and can’t wait to start watching!

Here is a little bit about this weeks Pretty Little Liars episode.

“Ali’s games may have pushed her friends too far when an innocent man’s life is put in the balance in “A Dark Ali,” an all new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” premiering Tuesday, August 12th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT). The pressure is on for Alison to identify the man police have in custody for her kidnapping, but the Liars know if she does it would be sending an innocent man to prison and possibly walking right into an “A” trap. With Emily trying to convince Ali not to play into “A’s” hand, Spencer comes up with a plan B in case Ali decides to make the wrong decision. Meanwhile, fed up with all of the Ali drama Hanna tries to lead a “normal” teenage life.”


I spent a little more time with Marlee Matlin and Constance Marie.. you see I love Switched at Birth! I have watched it since the show started and have learned to love the entire cast like I had known them forever. Just sitting with these ladies had me starstruck.  I quickly learned that Marlee and I had grown up in the same area as we were soon chatting about some of the local places. I loved to hear her talk about her kids and about how her daughter will be starting college this fall and how proud of her she is.  When asked if her kids wanted to get into acting she had mentioned that they had talked about it. What she told them was that they had to finish their school first, that then they could look into an acting career and who can blame her for wanting that ( I think it’s awesome!). Constance Marie who came in a few minutes later absolutely radiates this energy that is contagious and soon we were all laughing and chatting about the show.  Constance has a little girl who is 5, she just gushed about her and told us what it’s like for her to be a mom both on-screen and off.  I adored chatting with these ladies, they are obviously amazing friends and have amazing fashion sense.. I mean look at these heels!

marleeconstanceNot to mention Constance ( who is a social media maven!) gave me some pointers on the perfect selfie!


Here is a little bit about this weeks Switched at Birth episode!

“Bay and Emmett are elected senior prom queen and king on an all new-episode of “Switched at Birth,” airing Monday, August 11 at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. Regina, Kathryn and John are shocked when Bay tells them about the extent of Daphne’s self- destructive behavior, prompting the parents to set some ground rules. Bay reconsiders attending the prom when the school board implements a new rule regarding dance dress code. Daphne continues her downward spiral when a bad decision puts her job at the clinic in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Tank helps Toby grow his deejay business, but their bromance is tested when Toby accepts a gig at Omega Psi.”

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    So cool! I recently discovered Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I didn’t think I’d like it be Netflix kept recommending it so I gave it a try. I got sucked in pretty quickly. I watch everything I could stream in just a couple weeks. Can’t wait to see the current season! I love Holly Combs – she was awesome in Charmed, too.

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