Mohawk Carpet Area Rug Review and Giveaway!!!


99.8 percent of my house is laminate, when we first moved in we were greeted by a sea of Rust Orange shag carpet that could have very well been older then I am. Before we moved everything in my loving husband got rid of all but one piece of carpet, that is because the one piece that was left was off white and in decent shape still.  For the first couple of years we had 2 kids and no animals and with time going by that quickly changed to 3 kids and 6 animals. With the years also came parties, kids playing, animals tracking in mud and just life in general. With the little carpet left being near the sliding screen door the off white carpet quickly gained a menagerie of new stains and new colors.  The carpet being in the bigger of the 2 rooms we have for general living space we moved the couches and TV into the smaller room, so the room with the carpet became the kids playroom.  As the years went by my  awareness of  how bad the carpet was really beginning to look set in, And it wasn’t long before I wanted some sort of change.

Take a look at how drab and dull it looked before, not to mention the stains that we are always trying to get out of certain areas. We were going to just rip it all out entirely and put laminate down, But I like the cushy feel that the carpet gave and liked that when Kenna would trip and fall the blow to her little butt wouldn’t be so hard.

Recently I was sent a saving grace, an answer to my designing dreams ( because we are trying to redo the whole house slowly) , I was sent a Mohawk Carpeting Area rug!!  When I first spoke with Mohawk I was honored that they were going to let my blog do a review of one of their beautiful area rugs, and when I was sent the list of retailers sites to choose one for my room it was one of the hardest choices I’ve ever had to make. With so many beautiful designs and colors where would I begin?? Would I choose bold colors or more muted? Floral designs or modern sleek line?? They possibilities were endless, and the fact that hubby and I had to agree on one made things even more difficult.  We narrowed it down to 4, then to 3, and then hubby said I could just pick one from those because he liked them all ( Secretly I think he had enough) .  What I chose was The Clarisse in a size  8 x 10  the design was just perfect and from the way the colors looked on the site it would match our newly painted play room.  When Fed Ex arrived with area rug I was amazed with the size ( not knowing how big it really was going to be) and the fact that it was packaged so well with heavy duty plastic in case for some reason it was raining and I was not home ( and all rugs are made in the USA). I made my oldest son help me bring it in and propped it up against the wall.

The next day I decided to surprise the hubby by putting down the new rug. I cleared the room out, moved the furniture that needed to be moved and got ready to set everything up the way I wanted it. The first thing that I noticed as I peeled away the heavy duty plastic wrap was the plush feeling that the carpet had and how beautiful the colors turned out to be.  It’s not as easy as it looks placing a high quality area rug in a room, there were a lot of new and interesting words that were spoken as the carpet got laid out ( Mostly because I couldn’t get it just the way I wanted it).  But when I was finished and I had it just right the look, feel and over all appeal of the new rug was astounding.  The colors matched better then I could have hoped, the carpet was superior quality and was so soft you would want to take off your socks and run your toes through it.  Kenna instantly ran onto it, and decided she had to lay down and roll around on the new rug  running her hands back and forth like she was petting an animal.

                                                                                                                          ( The ripples in the rug are from it being unrolled)

It still amazes me what a difference the area rug made in that one room, that something so simple could transform a room completely,and make it seem like a new place entirely!! We have had the rug for a little over a month, and it has most certainly gotten its share of abuse from the elements in my household.  Yet it still looks as new as it did when we first got it, any would be stains come up with ease and vacuuming it is no hassle at all!!  I am so impressed with this rug and so happy with the way that it has completed what was a drab and boring room.

Mohawk Home wants one of my readers to have that perfect addition to their space, and is allowing me to give away one of their home rugs! That’s right, you can win a home rug of your choice up to size 5×8 and valued up to $400 – you can check out your choices here! Make sure you Enter to Win using the button below!

Want one more shot at a Mohawk Home area rug? My good friend Becky over at Week 99er is also giving away a Mohawk area rug!!  Make sure you go and check out her review HERE and enter her giveaway as well!!!  That’s double your chances!!!

Three times the Charm!! My good friend Rebekah over at Deal Peddler is also giving one away click HERE and enter to win hers as well!!!
Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win!! Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email sent or a new winner will be drawn!!  Good Luck

I received this area rug to review for free, but all opinions are my own and I only endorse products I feel would be a good fit for my readers!!




  1. Cindy vonHentschel says

    My living room. It’s bare and the carpet is old and nasty, we live in an apartment. No manner of cleaning makes it looks nice :(

  2. says

    This will go in the Living Room, we have Hard wood Floors, and we need this in that room under the coffee table! Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  3. Emily Ploch says

    I feel your pain on the carpet stains. My 26 year-old sister spilled Easter egg dye (BLUE) all over my carpet. Week 99er sent me!

  4. Liz says

    My daughters room would be where I would use this if I were to win it. Her room is the only room on the second floor that has not ever had new carpet or flooring. The size being given away would be about the size of the floor area not covered by furniture or her bed. Thanks for the review and the chance.

  5. Amanda C says

    Living Room I think. When you’re in an apartment it’s hard to get really creative with the place since you can’t choose wall/flooring colors.

  6. jessica baucom says

    The living room deff! After a dog, 2 cats, a baby, pieces of burning wood from the fireplace leaving huge holes and years and years of tracking in who knows what from work, a new rug to cover the old would be great!

  7. Marsha S. says

    I could really use this in my bedroom! We have a nasty old carpet that needs to be replaced and I could do laminate around it. That would be awesome!

  8. Cristy Zimmerman says

    My daughter is getting married and has nothing toward her apartment. It would be perfect for her!

  9. Kerstin Cogan says

    My Living Room. Bare floors that are soooo not cool. I would love to put some life back in it!!!

  10. deb kovac says

    My living room could sure use a new rug. With a new grand baby that will be on the floor a lot. This would make life so much nicer.

  11. Teresa F says

    We are changing every room that has carpet to laminate as we speak. I need area rugs in 2 livingrooms and 4 bedrooms. Thank you.

  12. Marthalynn says

    Stopping by from Week99er! Love the selection that Mohawk Rug offers. I need a rug for our entryway. This will be perfect!

  13. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I need a new rug for my living room (I hit the button on the site that I registered for)
    Week99er sent me
    thanks for the giveaway

  14. mj says

    Just pulled up the carpet and need an area rug in the dining room so the chairs don’t slide and the living room.

  15. says

    would love this we pulled up the carpet like the lanlord told us to and we did we didnt no he just put ply wood under the carpet to even the fllor and looks aweful and the boards are coming up sticking us in the feet and he wont do nothing about it not even put new carpet in

  16. Cherie U. says

    I could definitely use one in my living room/bedroom. I live in a raised house with no insulation in the floor, just the original hardwood floors and it is sooooo cold in the winter, I can’t put carpet down because I rent. This would help out so much!

  17. Karen Propes says

    We recently had a unexpected flood and had to replace our carpet. We went the most inexpensive route, and that was vinyl hardwood planks. So we need to replace a rug in the living room and the dining room. The living room most importantly due to frequent falls and the rug would be the perfect cushion. Thanks for the chance.

  18. Richelle says

    My son’s room is in dire need of an area rug. He’s been falling out of bed lately and has hardwood floors :(

  19. jamie says

    I would love this rug for my livingroom our house flooded six months ago and we lost our really expensive area rug for our livingroom and couldn’t afford to replace it yet because insurance wouldn’t cover it due to the fact the.mover damaged it so winning a beautiful rug to add to our.pretty much new home would be amazing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try and win this beautiful really rug sorry for spelling my phone is acting.up

  20. Patricia Gordon says

    It would be a really hard choice as to which room would get it, Living room or my grand kids room.

  21. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    Most all of my rooms are hardwood therefore, I could use a new rug in any of them but I would especially like one in the bedroom.

  22. Amy says

    When we moved into our house, the living room had lots of lovely stains left by the previous owners. I would love to cover those up!!

  23. Myra R says

    i would love to try out one of their carpets! i really need one actually im in the market for one but since they are so expensive i have been doing alot of homework before i commit cause im worried about spending all that money then when i get it home its not gunna be thick enough like its gunna be like walking on a bare floor and wont make a difference cause my cousin bought a carpet that was 800$ and i walked on it and u think for that amount it would be like walking on clouds and it was hard as rock.. and it was just a 6×11 area rug and it looks big and fluffy but looks are deceiving in this case. so i have been reluctent in my quest for a carpet but mohawk is number 1 on my list so far so i love reading ppls reveiws on them to help me make a decision!

  24. Kelsie says

    In my dining room..I will be moving into a new house next month and it has hardwood floors..i think it would look gorgeous under our oak table and against the hardwood floors!

  25. Michele K says

    My LR could use a new patch of carpet for my grandaughter to play on. The carpet is old an thin so she needs a softer place to roll around an crawl on.

  26. Bellina J. says

    I am installing new laminate in the living room and formal dining room. I am also updating my 10 y.o. son’s room. All of these will need an area rug!

  27. Jennifer P. says

    Awesome review! That rug looks amazing. Our carpets are looking just like yours in the living room. We could really use one of these! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Jacalyn Reilly says

    My livingroom, it really needs something to brighten it up and to cover up the old wall-to wall carpeting that was beige when new but after fifteen years and four grandbabies looks bad.

  29. Renee Strange says

    I have a small sunroom where a blue rug would be nice, and I would love to find a sunflower rug for my kitchen. A dusty teal rug would be great in the bedroom, my large main bathroom is carpeted, and the living room rug is very old, so yes, I pretty much need a rug in every room!

  30. Amanda Valenti says

    Our dining room for sure! No rug at all in there now!

    thank you!
    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  31. Leanne W says

    The dining room! We just pulled up all of or carpet and installed new flooring ourselves. The DR still needs an area rug.

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