Mystery Solved! Visiting The Set Of Mystery Girls!!


“Mystery Solved!” the cute catch phrase that will surely stick with you from one of  ABC Family’s newest shows Mystery Girls starring Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth.  Last week while I was in LA we were whisked from our hotel and taken to the set of Mystery girls to catch a glimpse of how things work on a live TV set and to chat with the stars!  You never really realize all the work that gets put into making the shows that we watch every night on TV until you’re sitting there watching everything come together.  I’ll admit when I was younger I would watch 90210 and was instantly drawn to the show by the reunion of 2 lovely ladies and it was surreal in a way to watch these 2 interact on a personal level and not just on-screen. When we walked in everyone there was busy working on various aspects of the show. Everything you could think of blocking, lighting, makeup, you name it and someone was busy making sure it was just right. We sat in the audience area and was able to watch a little bit of Tori and Jennie working on a scene for an upcoming episode. Their chemistry together was exactly as I had hoped and you could tell that their friendship was as true on-screen as off. Also on set was the amazing Miguel Pinzon who plays Mystery Girls assistant and number 1 fan  Nick. Miguel instantly lit up the set greeting us all and immediately making us laugh hysterically ( I expect to see big things from him!). We watched some super secret scenes being rehearsed from the season finale and soon we were sitting down having a one on one with Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth!



When Tori was asked how everything came to be she had said that she had always loved her dads comedies and the comedies from the eighties so she was really hoping to recreate something like that.  She had also mentioned that she had hoped that Jennie would want to pair up with her again and was thrilled when they did.  Just watching the ladies talk made you feel like you were one of their friends who they just happen to be talking to about their new show.  On tonights episode you can see a cameo from Joe.E. Tata ( Nate from the Peach Pit) and both ladies said that they would love to see cameos from other past 90210 actors as well as other fantastic celebs!

Next we sat down with the amazing Miguel Pinzon whose energy is contagious and makes you smile even if you don’t want too! He gushed about how excited he was to be a part of the Mystery girls cast and how much fun he had working with Tori and Jennie. Seriously even if Mystery Girls doesn’t seem like your type of show, you need to see just one to watch Miguel in action.. he is fantastic! While we were there Miguel just happened to be nominated for a Teen Choice Award ( You can vote for him HERE!!)   he was so excited that I felt like I had gotten nominated.

MIGUEL PINZONWe had a truly memorable time on the set of Mystery Girls and I cannot thank everyone enough for welcoming us and telling us more about the show!! Make sure you tune into Mystery Girls tonight on ABC Family! You can also follow along with the gang on Facebook and on Twitter!! 

Mystery Solved!!!!



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