Our Magical Journey Begins.. Plane Rides, Pixie Dust, And A Few Meltdowns #DisneySMMoms


There is always a little magic in the air when preparing to embark on a trip with your family. What can feel like shear insanity while getting everyone ready ( and believe me sometimes I thought I was going insane) can easily be dulled with the excitement of embarking on a new adventure and making new memories. When I received the email inviting me to attend the Disney Social Media Mom’s Conference being held at The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando I thought I was being pranked, so much so that I proceeded to read the email over and over  just to make sure I wasn’t  hallucinating. What is Disney Social Media Moms? The easiest way to answer that would be telling you that it is an invite only social media conference for individuals and their families with fantastic speakers, amazing events, and of course sprinkled with an intense amount of pixie dust.  The weeks leading up to the conference were filled with a constant stream of anticipation, wonder, and pure excitement ( and that was just coming from the group of attendees) we were given clues via Twitter keeping us all guessing and on our toes for what could be in store.

We woke up before the sun did on the day we were to fly to Florida and the kids did the best they could on the flight ( a few meltdowns and an instance of Matt asking if the plane would run out of gas) .  We hopped on the Magical Express and were soon on our way to the Contemporary Resort to start what would become a truly magical weekend. Checking in was a breeze ( I had done most of the process online a few nights before which was very helpful) and walking into the heart of the majestic Contemporary tower it quickly became hard for me to believe that the hotel was established in 1971. We got into our room and were instantly greeted by Mickey in towel form and the beautiful accommodations that the Contemporary has to offer.  While the rest of the family relaxed and took it all in, Kenna and I decided to walk to registration area and get checked in.


Kenna and I arrived to the welcome area and were instantly greeted by some of the amazing social media team who worked so hard to put this all together. I received my welcome packet, a bag full of welcome gifts, and every question I had answered instantly for me ( and I had quite a few). Not to far from the welcome area you could see a fun and colorfully decorated space  where we soon found Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. The social media team had set up a Wonder and Wander area complete with puzzles, stories, games and special merchandise featuring none other then Winnie the Pooh.  Kenna tired from waking up early, her first plane ride etc.. was not in the mood for pictures with the characters and only wanted to play with the puzzles no arguments here.


storytimeStory time began and soon got all the kids interested.

Before we headed back to the room I had a chance to talk with some more Disney people, learn more about the wonderful new products they have, and about Wonder and Wander ( Look for a post on this soon with a giveaway). Kenna was handed a fun Winnie the Pooh bag stuffed with goodies and we were on our way to get ready for the evenings events.


Make sure you keep an eye out for my next post all about our welcome reception, The first TryIt dinner, and Illuminations!!


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