Pastel Striped Painted Mason Jars

My awesome friend Kelly from Kicking it with Kelly made this cool craft and I am soo excited to share it with you guys! Ok, tell me where the time has gone people! Is April really almost over?  Well, with it being Mother’s Day in less than a month, I wanted to offer a really pretty and easy to make gift for mom. These Pastel Striped Painted Mason Jars take just a few supplies and are a very versatile gift.

Pastel Striped Painted Mason Jars

You can take these Painted Mason Jars and mom can use them for a pencil holder, a vase or she can fill it with her favorite candy! With many of my craft/DIY projects, you will have a lot of the supplies you need already at home. For this project, I used a paint you probably are not going to have. You can really use any acrylic paint, so don’t feel like you must stick with the chalky paint. I just like the vintage look it lends.


Pastel Striped Painted Mason Jars


What you will need:

  • (3) large mason jars
  • Chalky finish paint (any 3 colors you like, but make sure you get white)
  • Soft touch varnish (optional)
  • Clean soft white cloth
  • Foam brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Sandpaper (optional for distressing)
  • Spray matte finish clear coat


Make sure your mason jars are nice and clean. Paint 3-4 coats of the white chalky finish paint on your mason jars and allow to dry completely. This paint dries pretty fast, so 20 minutes or so in between coats should be fine.


Once the white paint is totally dry (I wait an hour after my last coat), you will use your painters tape to mark off the stripes. Press down nice and firm so there is no bubbles where the paint may bleed.


Paint 2-3 coats of your contrast color over the exposed white areas. Allow to dry the same amount of time as above for the white paint.


If you are going to distress your jars, take your sandpaper and gently rub over the raised areas of the mason jar. I always spray a clear coat of matte spray finish to make sure the paint is not going to scrape off. You can also use the soft touch varnish, which also gives the matte look. Use your clean white cloth to buff the varnish , once it dries.

What would you fill your Pastel Striped Painted Mason Jars with?


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