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One Step Closer to absolutely Perfect Planters!!

Spruce up your deck with planters, the perfect portable solution to add instant drama.



In this post I’ll show you how to take your planters and urns to the next level in 3 simple steps creating the WOW factor all planters and urns long for. Don’t hesitate to get the family involved in this gardening endeavors as both my 5 and 4-year-olds did an amazing job.

Step 1- First things first, start with a moisture control potting mix (trust me on this, it’s worth every penny). My favorite is Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix specifically formulated for solitary pots of all sorts as it helps to not only moisture loss but also feeds all plants for up to six months ensuring that our plants will grow large and lush -two things that will most certainly assist with the WOW.

No potting bench for all your planters, no problem. Here’s my tip: cut a squared off ‘C’ shape in the potty soil bag, fold back the flap, and voila a makeshift potting bench is at your service.
Both my children assisted in filling our pots with new mix (yes, I do this every year and you should too) and had a great time in the process, thereby cutting my work-time in half.

Step 2- After filling all your planters it’s time to arrange your flowers. No clue what flowers to choose let me help with this little trick: Petunias! These hardy little flowers come in all different colors, attract butterflies and hummingbirds, have minimal fragrance, can tolerate a full sun to part-shade, and will spill from your planter or urn creating a lush ‘I just spent lots of money at the nursery’ look. If you have room in your planter, add drama with a few Sweet Potato vines. When fully grown, they’ll spill over the brim of the planter attracting the eye with their neon-green foliage.

Now for our urns, I decided upon a mixture of red, white, and blue to commemorate both Memorial Day and the 4th of July, coupled with large Spikes to add a little extra drama and height. Tip: as the Petunias grown up and out the height of the Spikes will be diminished and look ‘to scale’ with the rest of the flowers. Now both of my children helped to arrange their own special urns of which they’re exceptional proud, and I must say they did an amazing job.

Step 3-
Lastly, to punch up the WOW I swapped out my normal topiary trees that flank my front door with Coleus plants. These wonderful accent plants can tolerate a full sun to full shade and come in an array of colors adding interest to both urns and landscaping.



Special Tip: Don’t overlook these beauties at your local garden center because the don’t flower, their leaves are enough. Just look at the beautiful bouquet created from only leaves, just breathtaking.



  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    These are great tips . I have never made any outdoor urns or planters and now I justmay try to do it.

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