Please Don’t Feed the Bloggers…

Next week at this time I wont be around as much, that’s right I’m packing my things and I’m leaving on a jet plane headed for North Carolina!! Why? Well recently I’ve started doing a lot of reviews ( with a lot of giveaways) and I have to tell you its probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Well, I’m going to my first blogging conference!! That’s right they are letting me out ( lock your doors)  and I’m going to meet and greet with MANY other bloggers and the sponsoring companies for Reviewers Retreat!!

Not only that but I’m going to be meeting some of my closest blogging buddies for the very first time, but meeting so many new people as well!!!  I am so excited probably because it just all kicked in that I will be gone next week!!!  I get to room with the gals from Week 99er, Front Page Freebies, Another Cent Saved and Coupon Crazy and Freebie Fanatic!! It should be a hysterical couple of days!!!

So if your in North Carolina, and you see us coming… proceed with caution and whatever you do.. Please Don’t Feed the Bloggers…



  1. […] email updates. Thanks for visiting!Recently I went to North Carolina to attend the second annual Reviewers Retreat, and was honored to be able to sit and talk with the fantastic sponsors of this event, one of them […]

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