Posy Box A New twist On Flower Delivery!


“Roses are Red my Love, Violets are Blue, Send a Posy Box When Something Sweet Won’t Do.”

Harkening back to a bygone era of flowers delivered in white cardboard boxes is Posy Box providing custom rose bouquets delivered straight to your door. With Mother’s Day approaching -it’s May 8th people- I’ve been struggling for fresh ideas to impress the woman who has everything, my mother. Enter Posy Box, the customizable flower source. For me, sending a thoughtful gift involves not only the gift itself, but also the manner in which it’s presented. Now you’re right, some people say it’s the thought that matters then there’s people like me, people who want to be impressed from start to finish which is most likely the reason I enjoyed this gift so much as even the packaging is attractive. The Posy process allows you to customize almost everything; first pick your flower, next pick your wrapping, and finally pick your stem count, it’s that easy.


Every aspect is designed to impress with minimalistic yet stylized charm, Posy Box delights with beautiful roses delivered beautifully. The uniqueness of their packaging must be discussed as their custom boxes are perfectly designed to be unique and user-friendly. With their distinctive ‘Y’ shaped box, Posy Box lends makes its recipient question, “Just what exactly is this waiting at my door” in the best way possible as there’s no other box designed quite like it (at least not that I’ve ever seen). Upon delivery simply turn over the back, pull the cardboard tab horizontally, and pop open the top of the box. A thoughtful custom message will greet the lucky recipient providing a custom message with care instructions printed on the back side. Next, a cardboard handle aides you in gracefully removing your flowers, and still another chic wrapping assertively invites you to ‘Open Me’ exposing the long-stemmed roses in all their glory. Lastly, simply snip the two plastic zip ties used to hold the stems in place (of which I might add are the only non-biodegradable products used), and remove your flowers. The directions state to cut the stems to your desired length and place them in a vase which is not supplied by the company. Much like the flower deliveries from the past decades, a vase isn’t provided. Arguably, for some this might be a deterrent, but for me it was refreshing as it provided the opportunity to use a favorite vase from our wedding. Furthermore, I discovered my inner florist as I artfully snipped and arranged my roses into a lovely bouquet garnished with three ferns that accompanied the flowers.


Within an hour of being submerged my roses began to bloom (see pictures). Although lovely, I couldn’t help but wonder how long they’d last as no flower food was provided. Now Posy recommends cutting another inch from the stems and changing the water every two days, which seemed like too much work for me; after all, I had the roses arranged perfectly to my liking. I decided to forgo the second slipping and take my chances with their longevity. Surprisingly my roses still looked pristine by the fourth day, and all I did was replenish their water, a step I could totally handle. All in all, if you’re looking for a simple way to send flowers I highly recommend this company.

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