RubberMaid Hidden Recycler Review and Giveaway!!

Happy Earth Day!!! I figured a wonderful way to celebrate would be with a review/giveaway of a product that helps the earth and helps your household at the same time!!

Often I find myself doing cleaning around the house ( mainly in my teenage sons room) collecting cans and other forms of trash, going to the sink , dumping them out and not thinking twice about putting them in the garbage when they really belong in the recycling. Sadly our recycling is a giant garbage can on the other side of the house and taking things out every time proves to be annoying and troublesome with an curious 3 year old roaming around. Rubbermaid has made it easier for people like me to remember to recycle and have a easy place to find it!!  The Hidden Recycler is the answer to my problems, its a handy container that fits on the back of any cabinet door to easily hide away and keep all your recycling close at hand. When it is full it easily lifts from its base for disposing of the cans, paper etc..
The Hidden Recycler attaches to the inside of a cabinet door to collect recyclables out of sight and keeps your counters clear. The bag is durable, machine washable, and made of recycled material, which is awesome for the planet as well as your household. Putting it together and installing it was a snap!!! And the fact that I placed it directly under my sink made it easy for me to think about dumping my cans and just opening the cabinet door.  Gone are the days of not recycling a can because I couldn’t get to the bin and now I truly have no excuse!!  The 5 gallon bag holds 36 uncrushed cans ( Trust me it does!!) and is great for either living in a house or an apartment.

I was thrilled with the ease of this product!! My kids are even remembering to use the Hidden Recycler! I caught my son showing his friend one day… ” Do you see anything here?”  He asked with a hint of excitement in his voice  and then opened the cabinet door, “This is where we throw our cans”  exclaiming almost like he had just preformed a magic trick.  I love that it is easily hidden and still holds everything from cans, bottles and even my gallon jugs of Milk.

You can purchase the Hidden Recycler at or at participating Meijer stores for roughly around $15.99, making it an inexpensive option for your household!  Make sure you follow Rubbermaid on Twitter at @Rubbermaid , Rubbermaid’s Facebook page or Adventures in Organization blog for contests, tips and so much more!!


The good people over at Rubbermaid would like to give the gift of easy recycling to one Suburban Coupon Mom reader, Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win!! Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or a new winner will be picked!! Good luck!!!

I received a product or  sample for review from the company and the opinions expressed in this post are my own. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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  1. Elizabeth says

    I involve my son to teach him, we “upcycle” things into crafts, and we let him help divide things out, it makes it fun for him because he feels involved, and it reminds us to continue to recycle, he knows to look for a recyclables can even when we’re out and about, rather than throwing things in just a trash can.

  2. sheri grennille says

    i try to recycle everything possible at home and when we’re out, i often collect my paper and other recyclables and bring them home. we reuse paper on both sides (it’s what i print my coupons on) and repurpose if we can. we also use freecycle for items that still are usable, just no longer wanted by our family.

  3. Lorayne Gothard says

    My family all recycles and we aren’t wasteful. We take are bags to the grocery store so we don’t use plastic.

  4. Tina Hazen says

    i recycle and even encourage my kids and their friends in my house to do the same. we recycle everything possible, and in our town everything seems to be recyclable. we were even able to reduce the size of our trash container each week, so it saves us $ to recycle, plus they give us a discount on pickup for filling our containers :)

  5. Patti Ellerby says

    I use cloth bags for shopping, recycle bottles, use newspapers and such for fire starters. Recycle clothes and such and used recycled clothes and such.

  6. Mare S says

    I try not to use excess water by turning the water off while brushing teeth and showering. I make sure to wash clothes in cold water and try to air dry whenever I can. And I make sure to recycle as much as possible.

  7. Gina M Maddox says

    we eliminated the use of paper towels and use rags instead. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  8. Melissa Gatto says

    We try very hard to recycle what we can. Our favorite “green” thing to do is Composting! It reduces the amount of trash we have significantly. You can compost everything from paper to egg shells!! Its very beneficial too, we start all of our seeds in the late spring with the dirt!

  9. Catrina C says

    Our area has us recycle & it’s really something that my girls are beginning to enjoy. They love doing their part & I think it’s great to have them so active. Love the organizer, as it would free up under counter space!

  10. Lori Beth Roberrs says

    Use sandwich containers instead I’d baggies! My sons school recycles them so the ones we do use get saved & sent to school for recycling & the school gets money for them….win win for all!M

  11. D Ryan says

    My husband rides his bike to work, we recycle all that we are allowed and I’m now starting up a program with my daughter’s elementary school. We try to conserve water, eat locally and buy in bulk, use reusable sandwich containers, repair broken items when possible (including sewing/mending clothes). And my daughters upcycle old papers and envelopes when they draw or create crafts. I’m sure there are more things we can do, it’s always evolving. ” )

  12. Heather says

    I try to do everything to be green. I recycle cans and papers, donate old clothes to thrift stores ( and shop there too!) But our in the house ” recycling bag” is a plastic store bag ( or bags) hanging from the pantry doorknob. In order to put something in there I have to take one strap off the knob ( sounds easy but if it gets tangled …) pull it open, give it a jiggle to make room, put the can in and pray the whole works doesn’t pull apart or fall off. Obviously there are days when I just put the recyclables in the trash because I’m just too tired to deal with it. Please pick me because I could sure use something like this. I already checked my Meijers and they don’t carry it.

  13. Michelle Warren says

    I am an avid recycler who encourages my children to recycle everything that I can. I am show my green ways by recycling and reusing everything I can. I am so glad that my city makes it easy to recycle by combining the materials into one bin for collection.

  14. Bob Dulude says

    What I do to be greener: I tolerate my wife recycling, while I recycle when I remember, she picks through our trash and takes the recyclables out, and then scoldes me for throwing it away in the first place.

  15. Rebecca Parsons says

    I recycle all bottles plastic and glass, cardboard, newspapers and cans. We have a bi-weekly pickup in our town.

  16. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I am currently trying to initiate a recycling program for my family. We recycle newpapers and magazines but I want to do more. We reuse everything that we can and wash ziplock bags to extend their usefulness. I reuse plastic trays from TV dinners to freeze food in and they also make great pet food bowls. We are also trying to use less electricity by turning off the air conditioner and opening windows, unplugging all electronics when they are not being used, and we want to install the automatic light switches that turn off when you leave a room.

  17. mary fanara coleman says

    I’ve been recycling for years. I am trying to make my own Green products for cleaning. Trying to be Frugal. Am starting a compost pile and a garden this summer.

  18. Heather Dunn says

    We recycle can’s, try to conserve energy and water and such as much as possible, try to take my own reusable shopping bags when I can, need and want to start doing more.

  19. says

    We recycle mostely cans right now because there isn’t a recycling plant anywhere near. We used to be able to recycle everything before we moved across the country.

  20. Kandace Odom says

    We recycle and my 5 yr old learned about earth day, came home wanting to reuse EVERYTHING so we are now crafting with whatever ‘trash’ he finds ;)

  21. Cheryl says

    I recycle paper and plastic bags. I have also looked up craft projects that I can use magazines for so those will be recycled or taken to our Library.

  22. Debbie Ward says

    we are bigtime recyclers in this house!! if I win I will give this to my daughter as she just moved into a small condo and she mentioned she wanted one!! plus they have a recycling container out in the parking lot for the entire complex! I think my 97 yr old gma started me out recycling I remember her washing out bread bags and reusing them when I was little. we save scrap foods of all kinds for my aunt who has chickens, goats and horses. I give nice takeout containers to both of my aunts 1 fixes meals for my gma and then my other aunt is the one that has everyone over at either their home or house on the river and there are always leftovers and goodie containers available if someone has to work that day they don’t miss out on our great feasts!

  23. brian kawa says

    I recycle ,use all natural cleaners,all green pesticides and fertilizers,use rain barrells to save on water

  24. Jen says

    We’ve just started to become more serious about recycling. We recycle our newspapers, cardboard, cans, and plastic, give our scraps to a local kid whose raising pigs, and pass along out-grown clothes. Compost pile will be coming soon (sorry pigs!).

  25. says

    I recycle my all of my plastic and metals and papers ….even all my cardborad boxes. Plus I love getting creative with all of my stuff and remake them into something new like old pants that no longer fit I make into dog toys =) i have found that they last a long time than regular toys that you buy.

  26. April K. says

    We recycle plastic, bottles, cans, newspapers, and magazines, we thrigt store shop and donate and reuse what we can at home. With 6 kids that last one is not very difficult. Everyone has hand me downs of one kind or another.

  27. Johnetta Dawson says

    I use newspapers to clean windows and mirrors. I throw all of mine and my kids clothes that has a big stain or hole in it, in the “throw away rag pile.” We use those rags for the awful jobs, like cleaning the grill. The clothes that just has a lil hole and is nice material, we give to my 9 year old daughter, who sews them into teddy bears. We also try to be very tight with our electricity and water.

  28. Becca L says

    THANKS for the post on this!! SUPER cool product!! I’ve been looking for something to fit in my unique sized recycle bin.

  29. Jessica says

    We try to recycle as much as possible, and take the plastic store bags back to the stores for them to recycle. We also use reusable shopping bags.

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