Seth Kornegay Luxury Perfume Review And Giveaway



** I received an item for review, regardless all opinions are 100% my own**

There will always be certain items that I purchase either for myself or my family that I will spare no expense at and even though I may pay more for them their quality long surpass others. For me perfume is one of them, I would rather pay a larger amount to a scent I love that will last me all day then buy something cheaper and find myself using more just to keep the scent going. When I was recently asked to review a perfume from Seth Kornegay I was excited and quickly said yes. Seth Kornegay is brand of luxury perfume that is based out of New York that uses only the purest of ingredients from around the world to bring the finest scents and exceed the expectations of the people who are wearing them.


When I went to their website to look at their different scents I was happy with the ease of navigating the site and also the variety of scents that are carried for both men and women. The descriptions are so in depth that it made picking a scent before smelling it both simple and fun.  Of course when doing so I was a little skeptical on how the scent would turn out and mildly afraid that I would end up smelling like an old lady but went with the ingredients I knew some of my favorite perfumes had.  Making a purchase like this can seem like an investment and the nice part about their website is that if you are having a hard time choosing or just don’t want to buy one before you try it, you can request a sample of the scent to be sent to your home.  After much deliberation and thought I decided that Orla was the scent that I was wanting to call my own.


Here is the description of Orla from their website.

“Orla was created to honor our First Lady – a true fashion icon of our time. This fashionable yet classic fragrance embodies the elegant, refined simplicity of our First Lady’s effortless style. It features Dazzling Rose garden interspersed with notes of Tuberose and African Violets sprinkled with Pear Williams Eau de Vie.”

When my perfume arrived I quickly opened the package, popped off the top and got my first idea of what Orla really smelled like. I have to tell you I was in love and of course decided to try it out right away. The light floral scent stayed with me all through the night and the quality of it lasted and made reapplying not even an issue. The worst thing I can think of with perfumes is feeling like you were never even wearing it, having to reapply, and running out of it a lot faster. With Seth Kornegay scents you don’t have that issue, so even though you are paying more in the long run you are saving from having to replace the bottle over and over again. Will I be purchasing a new bottle when I run out? The answer to that is yes! I have been so happy with the perfume that I would be very sad if I didn’t have it around and find it to be a well worthy investment.

Seth Kornegay and I would love to share these amazing scents with you!!

One Suburban Coupon Mom reader will win a bottle of their choice scent to have and experience the luxury that is Seth Kornegay!!

Simply fill out the for below to be entered to win!


  1. Tammy Greer says

    Tres Belle Femme sounds amazing but I need to smell it on my skin to know if it’s the perfect one for me.


    I would choose Tres Belle Femme. After going to the website and reading about it, I almost think it was created with me in mind as it has used every one of my favorite scents to create it. I know I will love it!

  3. Kathlean Owens says

    I would like to see what Petra smells like. I have always loved the exotic woods smells.


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