St. Patricks Day Yummy Treats With Cheryl’s Cookies

I love to bake and often thrive on finding places that make baked goods as well as I think I do.

Cheryl’s Cookies  sent me a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day assortment to nibble on, or should I say watch my kids devour and hope there is something left for myself. I was happy that the package came before they were home from school as I was able to look through the variety and decide what I wanted first.

The charming Green tin opened and it was everything from Buttercream Frosted Sugar cookies to Brownie bites and each different item was just as good as the last. I was instantly impressed with the freshness of the items. Not one of them was stale or hard each chewy cookie was so fresh that you could tell that everything was made with the best ingredients. I am a sucker for a good sugar cookie and theirs left me longing for more. Everything was delicious my kids had no problem gobbling up the goodies and making sure I knew how good they were. When I went today to grab a little something more I was greeted by a tin full of empty wrappers. Here is a little history about Cheryl’s Cookies…

“In 1981, Cheryl Krueger and her college roommate, Caryl Walker, opened the very first Cheryl’s Cookies® in Columbus, Ohio. The modest storefront sold six kinds of cookies, along with soda pop. Within just seven years, the company broadened its offerings to include gifts and desserts, and with this growth came a new name–Cheryl’s®
As the company grew, new desserts were added: gourmet brownies, cakes and fancy cookies, including seasonal cut-out cookies topped with a signature buttercream frosting. Cheryl’s also expanded its gift business by producing seasonal catalogs filled with gift ideas for every occasion, and adding a customer-focused business gift department to better serve medium and large companies.”

Make sure you “Like” them on Facebook to see all the cute and yummy creations they come up with.

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