Saving 4 Fives stroller giveaway and review!!

Series 200 Lightweight Stroller

  • Natural color tones: Ocean/Stone, Smoke/Mirror, Pomegranate/Cherry
  • Large “clutch” pocket with interior magnetic closure
  • Adjustable multi-position back and leg rests
  • Canopy window
  • Weighs 14 lbs., 42” tall
  • For birth and up

Who needs a Stroller!!!!!

I was given the most amazing opportunity to review Baby Cargo’s new 200 series stroller. There are a few things that I was to say straight off. This stroller is AMAZING. I love that is is a umbrella style stroller but has all the beauty and style of the full size strollers. Starting from the top to the wheels I feel like my daughter is riding in a high end stroller, without the high end cost. The colors are amazing and vibrant.

To truly take this stroller on a test drive we took it to the zoo. Our zoo has on road and off road paths and is perfect for testing a new stroller. Right off I noticed the handles are shaped in a very natural way. I don’t know about you but when I’m pushing my baby for a long while my wrists start to hurt. they are just in a odd potition and start to hurt after a while of pushing. The back of the stroller has a “mommy” pocket. It isnt very big but it is perfect for your wallet, phone glasses, keys. It made it easy for me to leave my things in the car and only take with me what I needed. If you’ve ever been to the zoo with your children you know that you don’t want a whole lot of extra things to pack.

There is also a great cup holder for mom or dad. This cup holder isn’t one of those that can pop on or off easily. It is removable though. I love this because with the typical umbrella stroller you don’t get a place to put your water or coffee.

So this is us straight in the gate. We are getting ready to start our day. A couple of things you notice in this picture is that the leg rest is adjustable! This is perfect for a growing child. My little Mia isnt big enough to reach the bottom of the foot rest so I put the leg rest in the full upright position. This makes it so her short little legs arnt dangling. It does fold down all the way It is also perfect for the baby that is much , much younger giving the baby more support.

Most umbrella strollers don’t have a under basket. This is one of my favorite features. It isn’t very big but it will allow you to put in some diapers or a small diaper bag. It was perfect for walking around at the zoo. Plus, If I remember that a normal umbrella stroller doesn’t have this feature at all , I’m happy that this was included at all!

Another feature that the Baby Cargo 200 series has is front and back breaks. This is a great feature as it makes off terrain paths easier to manuver though. There have been many times that I’ve tried to walk through grass or through gravel and had a really hard time because the front wheels are bouncing all over the place. While at the zoo we were able to try these front breaks a couple times. When the breaks in front are engaged they don’t stop the wheel from moving. What they do is lock the wheel in the forward facing position. This way the wheels arn’t jumping around. It worked great for us!


The harness is full adjustable and very easy to buckle. If you have a little Houdini on your hands you may want to keep a eye on them as this is a push button release. It is easy to clasp and easy to unlock. My mia is still at a age that I don’t have to worry about it. I also noticed that there wasn’t any padding on the harness. But I do believe that the 300 series has made up for that and does include a bit of padding for baby!


Along the Way Mia got tired and decided to fall asleep. The back on the Baby cargo 200 series reclines. It was perfect for her to be able to sleep and feel supported. With the foot rest up it made for a perfect napping spot. I does not recline to a full flat position. The specs say that you can put a newborn in this stroller. If your worried about it not fully reclining this is something you may want to look into. Although I think with a head and neck insert a newborn would be perfectly fine. When My new baby comes I think I will try putting the head rest in there and give it a try.


The sun visor is the only thing that I found lacking in this stroller. it is pretty small and unless the sun is at your back really does nothing to keep the sun off of your baby. If I had a suggestion it would be to extend the visor a little bit more to make it effective. The visor does have a nice feature though. It has a peek-a-boo slot to look down at your baby to make sure everything is ok. The window wraps around the whole top of the visor. This is nice for the older children to be able to look out. Also the window has a nice netting to help shade the sun that would get in through that window. The 200 series only weighs 14 pounds! This is perfect for my husband as he has MD. Last but not least the 200 series come with a nice rain cover for those moments that the rain sneaks up on you. Living in Washington state that happens A LOT!

You can pick up for very own Baby Cargo strollers at ,, or They range from 149.99-179.99. Like I said A great price for a stroller with all these amazing features! I really think that Baby cargo went out of their way to try and include everything that a mom with a busy life style…

Now for your chance to win one of your very own from Baby Cargo.


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  1. kristie belding says

    I miss the reclining feature. It was one of my toddler’s FAVORITE ways to nap. The new compact stroller has NO features or sun shade. I tried to modify a chair umbrella, but it didn’t last long with Miss. Fiddle Fingers!

  2. Laura Miller says

    The thing I can’t live without is the harness!!! My old umbrella stroller only has a lap restraint…not safe at all for a younger baby.

  3. Radmila says

    i think the shoulderstrap for carrying is something i might enjoy. By the way. i hope this is international giveaway!

  4. Sherry S says

    I love the shoulder strap and light weight compact design! We only have an ultra bulky stroller and are in desparate need of something convenient! This would turn into our only stroller!

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