Finding Dory Free Activity and Coloring Sheets!!


Our pal Dory is swimming back into theaters everywhere on June 17th with her new movie Finding Dory!! This time we get to learn a little more about Dory, where she came from, and how she became the fun-loving fish we all adore.  I may or may not be more excited than my children for…

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Zootopia Coloring Sheets and Fun New Clips!!


We are so excited for the upcoming release of Disney’s Zooptopia!! Even my teen is talking about when we are going to be able to go and see it!!  Coming to theaters everywhere on March 4th, Zootopia is the newest installment from Walt Disney Pictures and is sure to be a hit!! Bringing many different…

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The Good Dinosaur Printable Coloring Sheets!


The Good Dinosaur looks to be the super cute movie that everyone enjoys. You know the kind where you leave the theater feeling all warm inside, possibly with a tear in your eye.. who knows! On Thanksgiving we will all be able to find out for sure but in the meantime take a look at…

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Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron Coloring Sheets


Marvel’s Avengers Age Of Ultron opens in theaters everywhere this Friday ( May 1st) and we are so excited!! Here are some fun coloring sheets to help everyone get a little more excited in anticipation of the new movie!! Click HERE for all of the coloring sheets! Make sure to keep up to date with…

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Fun Cinderella Coloring Sheets!!


    Disney’s new movie Cinderella stunned people in theaters when it opened March 13th!! To celebrate and maybe help with some of the spring break boredom, here are some fun coloring sheets the kids are sure to enjoy!! Click HERE for all 9 sheets!! Make sure you stay up to date with all the…

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