Live, Laugh,Love With Lilacs


Live, Laugh, Love with Lilacs Bring their Beautiful Fragrance Indoors and Make them Part of your Home Decor with a Few Simple Steps Spring time brings one of my favorite flowers, prized for their intoxicating scent once reserved for those affluent enough to afford these glorious flowers, the lilac. Today all types of lilacs are…

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Perfect Planters – Gardening for the whole family!


One Step Closer to absolutely Perfect Planters!! Spruce up your deck with planters, the perfect portable solution to add instant drama.   In this post I’ll show you how to take your planters and urns to the next level in 3 simple steps creating the WOW factor all planters and urns long for. Don’t hesitate…

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Posy Box A New twist On Flower Delivery!


“Roses are Red my Love, Violets are Blue, Send a Posy Box When Something Sweet Won’t Do.” Harkening back to a bygone era of flowers delivered in white cardboard boxes is Posy Box providing custom rose bouquets delivered straight to your door. With Mother’s Day approaching -it’s May 8th people- I’ve been struggling for fresh…

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Bring back the centerpiece this Thanksgiving with 1-800-Flowers


Did you know that each year, more and more Americans are finding that their Thanksgiving centerpieces have gone missing? Whether tables are getting smaller, or food portions are getting bigger, one thing’s for certain – tables are going from fab to drab. That’s why 1-800-FLOWERS.COM is launching a nationwide movement to help “Bring Back the…

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