New Finding Dory Memory Game And Fun Activities


  Finding Dory will be swimming into theaters everywhere on June 17th!! This last weekend I was able to see the first 33 minutes of this new movie and I am DYING to see the rest!!! Here is a fun new Finding Dory memory game and some activities to help get everyone excited and ready…

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Finding Dory Free Activity and Coloring Sheets!!


Our pal Dory is swimming back into theaters everywhere on June 17th with her new movie Finding Dory!! This time we get to learn a little more about Dory, where she came from, and how she became the fun-loving fish we all adore.  I may or may not be more excited than my children for…

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Pixar Unveils Biggest Easter Egg EVER!!!


  Today Pixar announced their biggest Easter egg ever with the introduction of Hank, the film’s cantankerous octopus with camouflaging capabilities! But as it turns out this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Hank as this clever dude has been in more Pixar films than we could have ever imagined! “Pixar is known for the…

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Rileys First Date Streaming Free On Disney Movies Anywhere!


We are so Joyful to announce that because Disney/Pixar’s hit movie Inside Out winning big at the Oscars, they want everyone to continue in on the fun by catching up with our pal Riley in Riley’s First date! For a limited time you can stream the movie for FREE by clicking here!! “Riley, now 12,…

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Disney/ Pixar’s Finding Dory New Trailer!!!


Finding Nemo is by far one of my favorite Disney/Pixar films, and when the word of Finding Dory coming to theaters everywhere on June 17th hit to say I was excited would be putting it mildly! Take a look below at the newest trailer for Finding Dory and get ready to hear my gush and…

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The Good Dinosaur “Dino Week” and Fun New Features


As the opening day anticipation for Pixars newest release The Good Dinosaur ( In theaters this Nov 11/25) grows having us excited to see this new film, Disney gets us raring to go with Dino week!! Yesterday kicked off a week of Dino filled fun that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy. There…

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Finding Dory Trailer and New Poster!!! Soooo Excited!!!

finding dory

So the new trailer and poster for Finding Dory is out!! All I can say is Oh MY GOD we are over the moon with excitement!! Finding Nemo is one of my most favorite Pixar films and to see more about these characters ( especially Dory) has us swimming with happiness. Take a look at…

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The Good Dinosaur Pumpkin Stencil and Fun Activities!


  I know we are a household very excited for Disney/Pixars newest release The Good Dinosaur ( in theaters everywhere Nov 25th 2015) so when we saw some new activity sheets and a Pumpkin Stencil we were more than thrilled!! Take a look below and print out your own fun to get everyone in the…

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