The 2014 Kia Sorrento – I Think I Am In LOVE




There are really not enough good things I can say about the 2014 Kia Sorento. Arriving shortly after I had the Mazda 6 this car was very different and turned out to be very loved by everyone in the family. Just like some of the other vehicles that I have reviewed when the Sorento pulled into the driveway I was shocked with how stylish the car was and loved the more rounded front end of this SUV. Deciding to not waste a moment that I had with it Kenna and I agreed that a test run before anyone else was around was in order.  The roominess of the Sorento made getting Kenna’s car seat in a breeze and she instantly proclaimed how much she liked it.  Starting it up is as easy as a push of a button and I decided to quickly play with some of the many features that are offered with the Sorento. It was when I opened the moon roof and Kenna has seen that it spanned the entire length of the roof that she squealed with delight proclaiming that she wanted to keep the car.


That seemed to be the growing trend in my family as each child found something to love about the Sorento, each decided that it was time to get rid of our other SUV and purchase the Sorento.  There is so much room in the Sorento that a family could easily and comfortably take an extended road trip and still feel as if they were right at home the whole time. There are many ports for charging a variety of devices and the sound system makes for a clear and crisp sound to any music you listen to.  I loved the storage room and of course the smooth way that the car handled across both local roads and the fast paced expressway.  The 2014 is very different ( at least to me) than the 2013 and I am happy with the little and big changes that were made.  Kia has gone above and beyond in improving their cars since they were first released years ago. Now what used to be a car that you would maybe think about buying has become the first one this family thinks of when thinking about purchasing a new vehicle.  Would we buy the 2014 Kia Sorento? In a heartbeat!!

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