The Kia Stinger – Turning Heads Everywhere! ( NAIAS Reveal)

2018 Stinger

This last week Kia stole the show at NAIAS with its reveal of the Kia Stinger. This concept car turned reality is not only the creation of Kia’s fantastic design team but also the vision of the consumer. Leading up to the big reveal we were teased with what was to come with tiny tid bits here and there ( you know just enough to keep us wondering what the heck they are doing.) on and even when given the pictures for their newest edition nothing compared to seeing this beauty in person.

“Unlike any Kia that has come before it, the Stinger really is a dream car for us, and here today in Detroit, that dream is now a reality after years of commitment and hard work from a passionate group of designers, engineers and executives around the world,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president, product planning, Kia Motors America. “From its GT concept-car origins to the years of tuning and refining on the legendary Nurburgring circuit, no detail was too small to be obsessed over, and the result is simply stunning.”

Stunning it truly is, as it stunned the crowd rolling onto the floor in Detroit you could hear the different automotive types shocked with approval over Kia’s newest Gran Turismo type car. The sleek beauty and high performance that is promised with the Kia Stinger is going to be the newest standard to live up to.


The Kia Stinger not only looks fantastic on the outside but the inside is gorgeous as well with its hugging seats and top of the line features. When sitting inside you truly feel as if the car has wrapped itself around you emerging you in the ultimate driving experience.

2018 Stinger

The overall feel of the reveal was fantastic. People were happy to see the new things that Kia has to offer and the way they will be setting the bar for other brands in the future. There was a lot of hope, that the consumer would see that Kia is listening to the things that you have to say and continue to support the future of car making. Kia being the brand who is the ultimate under dog story will be the one to show us the new standards for automobiles and the one to watch.


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