The Popcorn Factory Celebrates Chicago’s 176th Birthday In A Special Way

 The City Of Chicago will celebrate it’s 176th birthday on Monday March 4th and The Popcorn Factory has come up with an amazing way to say Happy Birthday.

On March 4, street team members from The Popcorn Factory will be popping up all over downtown, sharing Chicago Flavors popcorn samples with Chicagoans in celebration of the city’s birthday.

The Popcorn Factory, Chicago’s hometown purveyor of delicious popcorn and gourmet snacks for more than 30 years, is popping out a special gift in honor of Chicago’s 176th birthday. For a limited time, three celebratory popcorn flavors, inspired by Chicago’s favorite fare, will be available to foodies in the Second City and beyond. The featured flavors include savory Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Corn, salty Chicago Hot Dog Corn and sweet Chicago Chocolate Cheesecake Corn.

The Popcorn Factory believes that birthdays are best when shared with others and the Chicago Flavors popcorn tins are made to be shared. Indulge in your favorite Chicago treats in a whole new way, or gift the savory snack to family and friends near and far. The Chicago Flavors will be available online at from March 4, 2013 through March 31, 2013.

We got to try all 3 and were blown away by these limited flavors!!

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Corn -

There’s nothing like the legendary taste of Chicago-style pizza. And there’s nothing like The Popcorn Factory’s Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Corn! Celebrate Chicago’s reputation as the Pizza Capital of the World with crunchy corn loaded with tomato-y sauce, tangy mozzarella… all the monster flavor of a deep-dish pie. Packed in our exclusive 3.5 gal. Chicago Skyline Watercolor Tin or in a 10-inch clear canister.

This one is my son Matt’s favorite he quickly asked if he could have the whole bag and proceeded to finish it all. There is a real pizza taste in this corn that brought out the cheesy goodness and the spicy pizza sauce.

Chicago Hot Dog Corn -

Ok so I was slightly blown away on how accurate this flavor turned out to be. You can taste the individual flavors of the components that make the perfect Chicago Style Hot Dog right down to the beefy taste of the Hot Dog!!
Pay homage to the classic Chicago dog: a beefy kosher hotdog on a poppy seed bun with yellow mustard, green relish, chopped onion, tomato wedges, a pickle spear and celery salt (but never, ever ketchup)! Salty and oh-so-satisfying, Chicago Hot Dog Corn is loaded with memories. Packed in our exclusive 3.5 gal. Chicago Skyline Watercolor Tin or in a 10-inch clear canister.

Chicago Chocolate Cheesecake Corn -

Cream-cheesy goodness with a cult-like following – the flavor Chicago made famous! Sink your teeth into Chicago Chocolate Cheesecake Corn and discover sweet white popcorn with fragrant vanilla, rich chocolate drizzle and crumbly chunks of graham crackers. Packed in our exclusive 3.5 gal. Chicago Skyline Watercolor Tin or in a 10-inch clear canister.

I also had the great pleasure of interviewing  the “Master Popcorneer” Leila Kaufman who was there for the whole process of creating these fantastic flavors.

Here is a little bit of that interview!!

1. If you had to pick one which flavor would be your favorite? My favorite is Hot Dog Corn. For me – it has a great “Wow” factor. A Chicago Hot Dog is all about the toppings. I love being able to identify the celery salt, pickle, tomato & onion in the layering of the flavor profile with just the right hint of meatiness in the hotdog. The popcorn really pays homage to a Chicago Dog in all the right ways.

2. How long was the process to get the flavors in each one just right? Was one flavor harder to accomplish over the other? The process is very fluid – with lots of left and right turns. Some flavors were easier than others. The process can take anywhere from a few weeks up to a few months. Cheesecake took the longest. We worked hard to find the right balance with flavor. 25 versions later – we’re very proud of this wonderfully creamy cheesecake with just the right amount of chocolaty drizzle and graham cracker crust.

3. Was there a certain place ( hot dog stand, pizza place, etc..) that you modeled your flavors toward? As we gathered to work on this project, it was easy to identify those iconic Chicago flavors. They really jump right off the paper: Pizza, Hot Dog and Cheesecake. For us, the flavors were modeled from a more emotional place. We talked at length about our foodie experiences and what our perfect hot dog, pizza and cheesecake tasted like and used those conversations as our flavor driver.

4. What would be your dream flavor to create?
A wonderful aspect of working at The Popcorn Factory is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to flavor creation. Currently, we have a wide variety of interesting and exciting flavors, including Ginger Teriyaki and Buffalo Ranch. And, we are always trying new and innovative flavors. Personally, I enjoy Mediterranean flavors. Recently, I traveled to Italy, where I was able to taste a delicious balsamic caramel sauce. I would love to see that translated into a popcorn flavor.

The Chicago Flavors will be available online from March 4 until March 31, 2013 and come in reusable tins decorated with a beautiful Chicago skyline mural!

You can also use the code CB15  to get 15% off your order!!

Happy Birthday Chicago!!

** I received a sample in exchange for this post, regardless all opinions are 100% my own**

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