‘The Secret Life of Pets Kids Activity’: Sweetpea Paper Plate Craft #PETCRAFTS

Disclosure: Today’s #PetCrafts is sponsored by Simple Solution. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

“It’s 9 AM, do you know what your pets are doing?”

For every pet owner that has wondered what our pets think about, talk about, and do, when we are not home, this summer’s adorable comedy, “The Secret Life of Pets” feeds into our paranoia, in a delightfully playful way. In this movie, adorable parakeet with an attitude, Sweetpea, turns on the fan and plays virtual-reality video games. Kids – and parents – who adore Sweetpea will love this funny Sweetpea Paper Plate craft, with the tagline “Sorry about your WINDSHIELD”.



Materials needed


Large white plate
Craft paint: lime green, yellow, orange, and black
Hole punch
Paint brush
White piece of paper
Colorful twine




1. Cut two horizontal sides off your paper plate
2. Now cut one of the pieces you cut off in half
3. With your pencil, draw a dipped line in the center of your paper plate
4. Draw your eyes and nose above that line
5. Now paint the top half of your plate yellow everywhere but eyes and nose

6. Paint the inside of the eyes green and black and the nose orange with. Blue stripe
7. Paint the bottom half of your plate green
8. Then paint the two small pieces you cut off orange (for the feet) and the larger piece blue (for the tail)
9. While everything dries, cut a small rectangle out of your white paper and punch a hole in the top two corners
10. Tie a 6″ piece of twine in each hole and tape to the back of Sweetpea
11. Write “sorry about your windshield” on the sign
12. Now tape your feet and tail on and you’ve got Sweetpea from The Secret Life Of Pets

(Simple solution tips)

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