Tiny Prints Valentines – Classroom cards that are Fun and Fabulous!


Picking the perfect Valentines day card for your child’s classroom party can be well.. a pain. Lets face it in a sea of princesses and super heroes sometimes it is nice to have a little more of a variety in choosing something everyone can be happy with.  Recently I had the opportunity to create Valentines day cards for Kenna’s class with ease and a variety of options while working with Tiny Prints. Honestly it had never even crossed my mind to go online, sit at the computer, and not search 100s of stores looking for the Valentines that every kid wants. But that is exactly what I did and the process couldn’t have been easier or more fun for Kenna and I.  Now I of course had taken a look at what they had to offer beforehand and had a few that I thought would be perfect including some that I was able to add a picture of McKenna to. I was quickly vetoed when she got home and saw the extensive choices that Tiny Prints has to offer.


One of my favorite features was being able to have her name printed on all of them. Because even though she loves the idea of writing her name on all of them, it’s always me who ends up finishing them. We finished up our order and added in some custom stickers to finish them off nicely. Tiny Prints kept me updated the whole time about my order, letting me know when each step was completed and the order on its way. 3 days later we had Kenna’s classroom valentines at our house and looking just perfect!! She immediately approved and insisted we stuff and sticker each one.


The cards came out fantastic! They are sturdy, colorful, and all around a great inclusion in any child’s Valentines day party! So skip the lines at the store, the Valentines that every kid is sure to have, and the lack of options out there. Tiny Prints had all our options covered and the results were perfect!! I have a very happy camper and I didn’t even leave the house!

If you order by Feb 4th you can have your cards in time for the big day!! So make sure to take a look before heading in the car to search!!

**I was compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own and I would tell you if I thought something was awful**

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