Tom And Jerry Around the World!!

Everyone loves cartoons, I don’t care who you are or how old you are at one point you loved cartoons. I remember watching various cartoons from Scooby doo to She Ra ( yes im showing my age here) and now with my kids I watch many of the same as before along with some brand new ones.

Recently my family and I were sent the newest Tom and Jerry movie titled  “Around the World” we immediately popped it in the DVD player and began to watch. Around the world is a fantastic blend of brand new and familiar old Tom and Jerry shenanigans! It was fantastic to see how well the new cartoons looked as well of how amazing the older ones looked remastered!

Heres a little bit from the Press release for Tom and Jerry’s Around the World!!

“Get set for an unforgettable journey with everyone’s favorite cat and mouse duo in Tom & Jerry: Around the World, available from Warner Home Video (WHV) May 8, 2012. This hilarious, new animated title features 22 action-packed cartoons featuring the tussling twosome in some of their best adventures from around the globe. Naples, Spain, Australia, New York and Hollywood are some of the memorable destinations that await viewers on this exciting trip. Tom & Jerry: Around the World will retail for $19.97 SRP.

Pack your suitcases and renew those passports! Tom & Jerry: Around the World is your first-class ticket to an entertaining, globe-trekking adventure. An exciting voyage with the popular cat and mouse duo awaits in this 22-cartoon collection consisting of classic theatrical shorts and episodes from Tom & Jerry Tales.

It’s Bon Voyage for Tom and Jerry as they duke it out as competing streets performers in the Big Apple in Way-Off Broadway. Tom chases Jerry through the streets of Naples in Neapolitan Mouse. In Flamenco Fiasco, the dueling duo find themselves in Spain where Tom shows off his fancy footwork as he engages in a very competitive Flamenco dance competition. It’s a trip Down Under in Kangadoofus where Jerry takes refuge with a kangaroo mother and her joeys in an effort to ditch Tom. In Freaky Tiki, it’s “Aloha” for Tom and Jerry as they relax on a Hawaiian beach and find themselves entering an active volcano where they encounter Pele, the goddess of flames. Next it’s off to Tinseltown where Tom conducts a symphony orchestra in Tom & Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl. These and several other captivating adventures are featured on this must-own release.”

Around the World is a movie we all enjoyed the new episodes were just as good as the old ones and I loved that there were many that I could recall from my childhood, it has 22 episodes which is amazing and kept us all capitvated for the 170 minutes it was on!! Kenna continued to watch it over and over again!!!

Yayyy for giveaways!!! Love Tom and Jerry ? Well heres your chance to win your very own copy of Around the World!!! Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below and thats it!!

I received this DVD for free for review, all opinions are my own and we really loved this DVD!!



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  1. amy linderman says

    my kids love tom and jerry and i remember it from when i was little so i will say that’smy fave

  2. Jamie says

    my favorite cartoon is probably Scooby Doo right now – it’s a fun one to watch with my kids. But, we love Tom & Jerry too!

  3. Star A. says

    We love Tom and Jerry, but my fave when I was a kid was Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, I was like the only girl that liked them lol!!

  4. bev says

    i actually never really liked cartoons but if i am gonna pick any it would be the roadrunner and wil e coyote. i do like garfield tho and collect garfield stuff

  5. Amy Hillis says

    Oh my gosh – my boys LOVE Tom & Jerry!!!! My favorite would be Snoopy & the Peanuts gang!

  6. patricia engle says

    My personal favorite is Droopy the Dog but my grandson’s is Tom and Jerry we love them all.

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