Unicorn Poop Cheesecake Parfait

unicorncheesecakeUnicorn Poop Cheesecake Parfait

My daughter is currently obsessed with idea that Unicorns poop rainbows! In an effort to keep her happy and have some fun we decided to try out this Unicorn Cheesecake Parfait!! Take a look and try it out yourself!

Here’s what you will need!


  • Ingredients:
  • Jell-o no bake cheesecake
  • Cotton candy
  • Milk
  • Whip cream (optional)
  • Food coloring
  • Princess sprinkles
  • Margarine
  • Sugar


Use Jell-o on box directions to create crust mix and cheesecake filling.

Divide cheesecake filling into 2 or 3 bowls. Use food coloring to create fun pastel colors. Start with a drop or two, you can always add more food coloring but you can’t remove any.


Spoon crust mixture into bottom of glasses, mason jars etc. Using a piping bag, layer the cheesecake filling on top of the crust mixture. Repeat with remaining cheesecake filling and crust mix. Sprinkle a small amount of crust mix on top of the parfait. Let parfait firm up in the refrigerator for one hour.

Add cotton candy, whip cream if desired and princess sprinkles. You can stick the sprinkles to the cotton candy! Enjoy immediately after adding cotton candy, otherwise it will melt and harden. Enjoy!



  1. says

    Such a cute idea. Really love the way it looks with the sprinkles added to it. Going to have to look into these sprinkles now.

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