Ziplining Over Gators And Facing My Fear!


This past week I had an amazing opportunity with some amazing ladies in beautiful Kissimmee to experience a small taste of what the Experience Kissimmee “Rock Your Vacation” winner will be looking forward to. If you haven’t seen yet the final 4 have been picked and voting has begun. The Experience Kissimmee team has put together an amazing prize for the winner ( not to mention 7 people who vote will win Beats by Dre Headphones)  and never would I have expected to have had as many first experiences in a few short days. Honestly before taking this trip I had no idea how many awesome things there is to do while visiting Kissimmee.

There will be a few posts on my experiences and thoughts for families, but for me this post that I am writing now has a feel of victory to it. Not many people know about my very real fear of heights ( were talking sweaty palms, shaking, etc..) On this Rock Your Vacation trip there were 3 opportunities that would make me look my fear in the eye and hope it didn’t knock me over. I won 2 of the battles ( the Skycoaster was just to intimidating!)

Take a look at some of my Rock Your Vacation friends on the SkyCoaster at Funspot! You can also read about my friend Kristy’s experience on the SkyCoaster Here!

My first major accomplishment occurred at Gatorland. Gatorland is a 110 acre theme park with thousands of Alligators, Crocodiles, Birds, and so much more. I held Snakes, a Tarantula, and even wrestled a gator! They also have the worlds tallest, fastest, wildest zip line attraction that raced us high above the giant alligators and crocodiles. Naturally I was scared to death but determined that I was going to do this. Right away our guides made us feel at ease with their amazing zip lining safety knowledge.


All harnessed up we walked to the first tower and climbed up 7 flights of stairs to the top. Now here’s a tip..If you scared and they ask you who is scared? Unless you are ready to go first, don’t raise your hand ( Yeah I walked right into that one) It wasn’t easy to push-off that first tower, in fact I turned back and walked to the top more than once. But when I closed my eyes and decided to let go , I had more fun than I ever could have imagined.  By the third tower I was running off the edge, eyes open, and having a blast.zipline

Now I would like you to meet a little something I call the Super Scary bridge.


Yes! I walked across it (barely), Yes! it may have crossed my mind more than once that I may throw up, and Yes! I was thanking god it was over with when I crossed it.  I still look back at that picture and think WOW I did that! My whole family would love Gatorland because there really is something that everyone would enjoy and their staff is so friendly you have no problem asking any questions about this fun park.  I can’t wait to take the kids on our next visit!

Make sure you check out Gatorland on Facebook and Twitter!


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    You were so brave on that zipline! Photos of the scene don’t do justice to how high up that platform was that we had to jump off, and that BRIDGE!!! I’m so glad you got a photo of it so I could show it to Jai and say, “THAT is the bridge we had to walk over!!” Hahaha!!!
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